BioShock Infinite Features

Xbox Series X Asks the Question, "What's in a Name?"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Microsoft not only unveiled its next console this week, but now Sony will start making games for other consoles too?

Does BioShock Still Matter 10 Years Later?

Somewhere, beyond the sea, video games are art.

Op-Ed: Can Console Gaming Save Itself?

There's plenty of talk these days about another video games crash. But what does that mean, exactly? And would it be a bad thing?

Would the Real Ken Levine Kindly Stand Up?

From the Eurogamer archives: Rich Stanton chats with BioShock Infinite's creative director about games, politics and throwing himself on the fire.

Down the Replay Rabbit Hole

Eurogamer's Richard Cobbett explores why Ken Levine's plan for endlessly replayable narrative could be a risk not worth taking.

2013 in Review: The Tragic Fatalism of BioShock Infinite

One of 2013's most spectacular games was also one of its most disappointing for its failure to heed its predecessor's pivotal philosophy.

Rebuilding Rapture

Eurogamer's Richard Cobbett goes behind the scenes on BioShock: Burial At Sea, and the impossible city's improbable return.

On Video Games, Kids and Outdoor Fun

A provocative editorial from The Times sparks some debate -- do kids really want to play video games, or are our Xboxes and PlayStations being used as babysitters?

Hale to the Commander

Eurogamer's Johnny Cullen chats with Jennifer Hale about her two decade-long career voice acting in the industry.

BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground

Chris Donlan goes in search of Columbia's origins.