BioShock Infinite News

Ghost Story, Once BioShock's Irrational Games, Is Working on an "Immersive Sci-Fi" Title

A new job listing hints at the nature of Ken Levine's next "outrageous and ridiculous" title.

Ken Levine Wants to "Go to the Outrageous and Ridiculous" With His New Project

He also says he's still not involved with 2K's new BioShock.

BioShock Switch Ports Surface on Taiwanese Ratings Board Site

Big Daddy, meet tiny console.

Bioshock: The Collection Brings Series to PS4 and Xbox One on Sept 13

Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite are getting the remaster treatment.

BioShock Infinite's New DLC to Have Thief-Inspired "1998 Mode"

That's Thief: The Dark Project, not that young upstart that released recently.

Irrational Puts Bioshock Infinite Vigor Bottle Replica on Sale

It won't give you the power to light people on fire, but it'll look cool on your shelf.

Bioshock Infinite DLC Takes Us Back to Rapture

As the title hits a sales milestone, Irrational plans to take us back to where it all began.