Castlevania Features

Despite Issues on Switch, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Otherwise Runs Smooth on PC

The difference is like night and day. Sunlight and moonlight. Vampires and werewolves.

Castlevania Netflix Season 2 is Less "Vampire Killer" and More "Interview With the Vampire"

Like the games it emulates, season 2 of Netflix's Castlevania series meanders a bit before reaching a memorable showdown.

"It Always Works Out Somehow:" Koji Igarashi on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Indie Game Development

Former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi talks to us about his new direction in life. Goblets of red wine were not included.

Smash Bros. Ultimate New Challenger Spotlight: Simon Belmont's Roots Shine Like Candle Flames

Our look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new challengers continues with an investigation on gaming's greatest vampire hunter.

Sympathy for the Vampire: Castlevania II Is Way Better Than People Give It Credit For

STARTING SCREEN | Happy 30th anniversary, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest! You're not a perfect game, but you're a damn ambitious one.

Konami's NES Box Art: So Good, So Bad

Konami deserves to be singled out in the grand, ongoing discussion about video game box art -- though not always for the best reasons.

Bloodstained Goes Medieval on Players... Medieval Japan, That Is

Koji Igarashi is bringing samurai to Victorian England, and he's dressed the part.

We Don't Need a New Castlevania Game When We Have Brave Earth Prologue

Blurring the line between tribute and clone in the nicest way possible.

Nadia's Midboss Musings: Nobody Needs an R-Rated Mega Man

Adi Shankar wants it to happen, but there are many reasons why an ultra-dark take on the Mega Man franchise is the least necessary thing in the universe.

Happy Anniversary, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Here's Why You're So Great

Nadia cuts a slice of cake for Symphony of the Night and looks back at Jeremy Parish's Design in Action series of articles for the game.

Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy -- A Game Comic Cursed With Clichés

Whatever the Netflix Castlevania series offers us, let's hope it's more interesting than this tepid take on Vlad Tepes.

Essential Weekend Reading: The Overwatch Keyboard Controversy, Nioh's High Difficulty

As we head into the weekend, we highlight the week's most important stories and features.

Opinion: I Don't Have Much Hope for the Netflix Castlevania Series

The Castlevania series already parodies vampire hunters, and it does so without turning the tint knob right down to "grimdark."

Design in Action | Building a Masterpiece, One Detail at A Time

We close out our in-depth look at Castlevania classic Symphony of the Night by exploring the cumulative power of its brilliant little details.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Deep Dive, Part 2: A Classic's Sublime Structure

CLASSIC DEEP DIVE| How Konami created a new and different Castlevania by building on, and creating contrast to, what had come before.

At 30, Castlevania May be Dead, But Its Influence Lingers Beyond The Grave

Happy anniversary, Simon Belmont! Too bad your bloodline is as deceased as Dracula himself.

Bloodstained Wins the Prize for E3's Best Thinly Veiled Version of an Abandoned Series

Koji Igarashi's new game isn't Castlevania, but... it's Castlevania.

Note Block Beat Box: Listening to In the Castle from Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV's unique love of kettle drums is inexplicable, but by no means unwelcome.

This Week on Retronauts, We Ask: "What is A Man?"

We hope to find the answer in Castlevania's Dracula X duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Are our words as empty as our souls?

All-Time 16-Bit Classics: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Best Super NES Games (Update: 1994!)

The year 1994 arrives, and with it some of the greatest games ever made. Our year-by-year video guide to the best of Super NES continues!

Captain N: The Game Master Captured the Highs of NintendoMania, and the Lows of Kids' Entertainment

Just as "Nintendo" became a household name, DiC's creation set out to capitalize on this new fad—leaving an embarrassing legacy in its wake.

Blog: Learning to Let Go

Will all long-running game series eventually run out of steam? And is that really all bad?

The Retronauts Konami Memorial Continues with Super Castlevania IV

A Micro perspective on the kookiest numbered entry in the classic action series.

Craving Castlevania? Check Out Konami's Own Official "Bootleg"

It's not a true Castlevania game, but this forgotten handheld adventure makes a decent substitute.

8 Essential Ideas Bloodstained Needs to Adopt from Castlevania

Ex-Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi is riffing on his own history with a successful Kickstarter, but they shouldn't forget that Konami's series was always about more than just whipping vampires.

Video Feature: A Brief History of Zombies in Video Games

Take a look at how the undead have changed over the years with our video tour of zombies through the generations.

USstreamer: A Terrifying Castlevania Stream Haunts You [Now With Video!]

You won't know true horror until you witness Jeremy trying to beat this brutal NES classic for a live audience.

USstreamer: Get Spooky With Rondo of Blood [Now With Video]

Jeremy returns to Castlevania to take on a classic 16-bit action adventure.

Which of the Other Metroid-style Castlevanias Are Worth Revisiting?

We look back at Circle of the Moon, Dawn of the Sorrow, and the rest and render our verdict.

Video Archive: We Press Our Luck in Symphony of the Night (Again) [Archived!]

By popular request, Jeremy revisits his Luck Code playthrough of this Castlevania classic.

Retro Challenge: Six Challenge Runs Everyone Should Try

Looking to try something new? These Challenge Runs are not only fun, they will give you a greater appreciation for the games they appear in.

USgamer Club: We Take on Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Part 1

Grab your Crissaegrim and Shield Rod and play along with the USgamer team as we explore the game that inspired the term metroidvania.

USstreamer: Come Enjoy the Symphony of the Night! [Update: Over!]

Jeremy takes on the Castlevania classic in hopes of finally answering that all-consuming question: What is a man?

Daily Classic: An NES Hit Honed to Excellence in Castlevania III

The original Castlevania trilogy ended on a nearly perfect note.

Video Feature: 13 Great Series That Someone Else Screwed Up

When licensing and franchising go horribly wrong, previously brilliant games (and their fans!) are the ones who suffer.

Why We Still Love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A love for fun and detail help make Castlevania's PlayStation entry a timeless action game.

Yes, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Did Make Me Feel Uncomfortable

How one scene may end up unintentionally defining a game by trivializing sexual assault for the sake of easy shock value.

"The God of War Comparisons Really Pissed Us Off"

Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole talks to MercurySteam's Dave Cox about how Lords of Shadow is expanding into Zelda territory.

The Legend of Zelda and the Tragedy of Continuity

Sure, A Link Between Worlds fits into the Zelda timeline... but is that really a good thing?

The Greatest Games for NES: 1985-87

Back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was new and untested, these amazing releases helped make it the console every kid wanted to own.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2's Bad Moon Rising

Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef takes a closer look at the upcoming sequel in the rebooted Castlevania franchise.