The Division Guides

The Division - How to Loot the Dark Zone

Get the loot back to your personal stash in this guide to the Dark Zone in The Division.

The Division - All Incident Reports - Highland Jacket

Find all 40 Incident Reports in The Division.

The Division - All ECHO Locations

Unlock the Rose Jacket by finding all 63 ECHOs in this The Division guide.

The Division - All Missing Agents - The Sierra Jacket - The Finder

Find all 20 Missing Agents in The Division thanks to this guide.

The Division - Best Dark Zone PvP Build

How to build the best agent for Dark Zone PvP.

The Division - How to Farm Phoenix Credits

Use this method to quickly obtain Phoenix Credits.

The Division - Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Find the ECHO of the one who knocks.

The Division - Recalibration Guide

Re-roll gear stats for better bonus attributes.

The Division - General Assembly, Defeat Colonel Bliss

Attempt to rescue the virologist from the LMB.

The Division - Russian Consulate, Defeat Hornet

Extract the virologist for questioning.

The Division - Grand Central Station, Defeat Cpt. Foley

Help secure the base at Grand Central Station.

The Division - Queens Tunnel Camp, Defeat Sgt. King

Destroy the communication hub.

The Division - Rooftop Comm Relay, Defeat Glass

Find the engineer and fix communications.

The Division - Lexington Event Center, Defeat Larae Barrett

Free the JTF hostages and secure the event center.

The Division - WarrenGate Power Plant, Defeat Keller

Secure the power plant from the intruders.

The Division - Best Skills and Signature Skills

Design the perfect agent for The Division.

The Division - Police Academy, Defeat Scarecrow

Search the police academy for the transponder signal.

The Division - Amherst’s Apartment, Defeat Rogan

Acquire evidence from a suspect’s apartment.

The Division - Times Square Power Relay, Defeat Slingshot

Repair the faulty power transformer.

How to Fast Travel in The Division

Just in case you’re tired of walking.

The Division - Napalm Production Site, Defeat Joe Ferro

Shut down the napalm operation.

The Division - Broadway Emporium, Defeat Kosinski

Secure samples from Abel’s department store.

The Division - Hudson Refugee Camp, Defeat Martinez

Secure the civilians at the rail yard.

The Division Base of Operations Guide - Rewards Claim Vendor

Everything you need to know about your hideout.

The Division - Subway Morgue

Restore power to the downed generators.

How to Craft Weapons and Gear in The Division

Details about the blueprints and materials used in crafting.

The Division - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

Secure the checkpoint and retrieve the commander.

The Division - Precinct Siege

Rescue hostages and secure the precinct.

The Division - Character Creation Guide

How to create your character in The Division.

The Division - Establish Base of Operations

Secure the Base of Operations.

The Division - Madison Field Hospital

Rescue Dr. Kandel and secure the roof.

The Division - Inventory Guide

Info on Skills, Attributes and Pouches.