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USG's Top 100 Games of the Decade: #100-51

The 100 best games of the 2010s, as determined by us.

Doom on Switch Sacrifices Crisp Resolution in Favor of Frame Rate

*King Richard III voice* My demon for a Switch port.

Doom on Switch May Have Compromised the Frame-rate to Make Carnage Portable

You can rip or tear, but not both.

When Digital Goes Cardboard: The Most Creative Tabletop Video Game Adaptations

With Deadly Premonition on its way to a board game adaptation, it's time to look back at the creative, clever, and just plain weird board game adaptations of the past.

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Surprise

We look back on a year loaded with surprise gems.

USgamer Community Question: Was 2016 a Good Year for Games?

Did 2016 meet all your expectations for gaming goodness?

What Was the Best Multiplayer FPS Game of 2016?

2016 IN REVIEW: Every year seems to feature a bevy of quality FPS titles, but 2016 saw some exceptional releases.

Doom PC Open Beta Impressions: Hybrid Theory

The newest game from id Software tries to recall some classic shooters while keeping one foot in the modern era.

System Shock 2 Proved the FPS Could be More Than Doom Clones

The day in video game history: The ultimate RPG-shooter debuted.

Retro Challenge: Six Challenge Runs Everyone Should Try

Looking to try something new? These Challenge Runs are not only fun, they will give you a greater appreciation for the games they appear in.

USgamer Celebrates 20 Years of Doom

id Software's classic first-person shooter turns 20 today. Team USG shares its memories from back in the day.

Blast from the Past III: Quaking in Fear

In the third part of our look back on '90s shooters, Pete explores the jump to full 3D that eventually led us to where we are now.

Blast from the Past II: Doom, Duke and Deathmatch

Pete continues his exploration of '90s first-person shooters with a look at the genre's first tentative moves towards "true" 3D.

The Tetris Effect

Some games have a habit of inserting themselves into your waking life; which ones have consumed you?

The Deleted Scenes of Doom

Exploring the game that could have been, and the legacy that never was.