Dragon Age: Inquisition Features

Axe of the Blood God: How the PlayStation 4 Changed Gaming

From the "mainstreaming" of RPGs to Japan's revival, here all the ways that the PS4 helped change gaming.

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These are the overlooked games that are still winners in our hearts.

How a Rookie Speedrunner Revitalized Dragon Age: Inquisition by Beating It in Under 30 Minutes

One discovery changed the run entirely, and revitalized the scene along with it.

What Makes a Good RPG Romance? Axe of the Blood God Finds Out

With Fire Emblem: Three Houses now out, Axe of the Blood God takes a closer look at what makes good RPG romances.

How the Frostbite Engine Became a Nightmare for EA in General, and BioWare in Particular

DICE's engine finds a rough reception at other EA studios.

Starting Screen | How Anthem's Terrible Loading Times Let You Appreciate BioWare

Use that dead time to look back at the good years full of great games and fun times.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Whiles Away the Dog Days of Summer With Ys, Witcher 3, and More

AXE OF THE BLOOD: Nadia and Kat discuss Ys: Oath in Felghana, Witcher 3, Pokemon, and Dragon Age Inquisition before hearing your pitches for your favorite lesser-known RPGs.

Does it Hold Up? - Dragon Age: Inquisition

We examine last year's triple-A games to see where they stand after a year.

Blog of the Blood God: The New Dragon Age DLC and the Trickiness of Downloadable Content for RPGs

How relevant is DLC for a year-old RPG? Depends.

Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Mysteries of Faith

Dragon Age writer David Gaider reflects on how BioWare's RPG tackles the seen and unseen.

What Does Dragon Age: Inquisition's First Batch of DLC Have to Offer?

We examine Jaws of Hakkon, which was released earlier today on the Xbox One and PC.

2014 Recap: The Year's Best Games Have Been RPGs

It's been an even stronger year for RPGs than usual. Here are some of the best.

2014 Recap: The Incidental Diversity of Dragon Age Inquistion

Bioware's Dragon Age Inquisition puts diversity in the forefront, but doesn't forget about it in the background.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review-in-Progress: Bob and Kat Enter the Breach

We'll have our full review ready on Thursday, but until then, check out our thoughts so far on BioWare's latest fantasy RPG.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Borrows Liberally from Ubisoft's Open-World Handbook

It's a far cry from Baldur's Gate, but the newest installment in BioWare's fantasy RPG series still manages to weave a powerful spell.

Dragon Age Inquisition's PC Requirements Are Solid, PS4 Runs at 1080p

Ready to pick up Bioware's Dragon Age Inquisition on PC? Here's what you'll need under the hood to run it.

USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Mike's Picks

Mike's choices for the best of E3 involve exploration, ink, assassins, and a bit of magic.