The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim News

One Developer Coming Forward Over Alleged Abuse Sparks Industry Movement

Allegations of abuse have risen this week against Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule, Night in the Woods co-creator Alec Holowka, and more.

Skyrim Together (Or Not): Why Two Mod Teams Are Feuding Over a Skyrim Multiplayer Mod

There's bad blood in a community built around co-operation.

Video Proves Skyrim Really Can be Played on Anything

You must go wherever you're needed, Dovahkiin.

Skyrim Fans: Vasectomy Clinics are Targeting You. Feel Old Yet?

Slaying Aludin is cool, but you know what's REALLY cool? Sensible family planning!

Todd Howard Prefers Not to Remaster Morrowind, Fallout 1

Bethesda is also big enough that it doesn't have to outsource development.

Skyrim PSVR Update 1.4.40 Improves Graphics on PS4 Pro

Also some big changes to how the PS Move controller works.

Skyrim Mod Fixes Thousands of Visual Annoyances

A new mod restores a little order to Bethesda's chaotic open world.

Pray for Todd Howard's Wikipedia Page, Under Siege from Tumblr Vandals

Wikipedia editors are in a desperate struggle.

Skyrim dev Wants to Port Monster Hunter: World to Switch

Someone has big dreams for a small platform.

Bethesda Game Studios Still Has Two Games to Make Before Working on Elder Scrolls 6

It's still a long wait until the next Elder Scrolls.

'Lordbound' Is an Expansion-Sized Mod That Adds Intriguing New Beauty to Skyrim

'Lordbound' will add 30 hours of content to Skyrim.

Bethesda Teams Up With Wonder Woman to Save Single-Player Games

Bethesda is also donating $100,000 to help future game makers.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim Have Been Updated for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro

Bethesda is updating its library of games to support the newest video game hardware.

Skyrim on the Switch Makes the Case that Stable Performance and Portability are Just as Important as Graphics

Video game ports on the Switch are stable and look fine, but will portability entice customers and 3rd party developers?

Bethesda's Creation Club Now Offers an Extreme New Survival Mode for Skyrim

Can you survive in the new Skyrim?

Bethesda Sees "A New Audience" In Nintendo Switch

The publisher believes there are a number of Switch owners who have never played Doom or Skyrim.

Doom on the Switch Will Include Online Multiplayer, but as a Separate Download

SnapMap will not be included however.

Skyrim on the Switch: No Mod Support "Planned at This TIme"

Sorry, but you might have to make due with the special Link outfit.

Bethesda Probably Doesn't Have an Unannounced Game Coming Out This Year

A mistake or slip of the tongue? We find out!

Bethesda's Creation Club Mod Store is Live for Fallout 4 on PC Today

Will Bethesda end up splintering the modding community?

Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, and DOOM VFR All Get 2017 Release Dates

PSVR owners, you're going to have to wait on Fallout 4 VR for a bit.

Japanese Skyrim Mod Recreates Bloodborne in Elder Scrolls

Yharnam is reborn in Skyrim.

Play Skyrim Forever and Ever as Bethesda's Elder Scrolls RPG Comes Out on PSVR

Yet another way to play your favorite Elder Scrolls game.

All the Announcements and Trailers from the Bethesda E3 2017 Press Conference: Link in Skyrim, Dishonored, and More

Here's everything you might have missed in one convenient location.

Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch Lets You Get Your Hylian On

Scan Amiibos to wear Link's tunic and hit bears with the Master Sword.

Skyrim For Nintendo Switch: Bethesda Confirms Game It Let Nintendo Show Off Already

After some mixed messages, Bethesda's Todd Howard finally admits Skyrim Switch is real.

Skyrim Special Edition and Dishonored 2 Review Copies Coming a Day Before Release

You won't be seeing full day-one reviews from us or any outlet.

Watch This New Trailer for Skyrim Special Edition, Then Go Pre-Order Skyrim Monopoly

If another player tries giving you grief about money, just put a bucket over their head and steal everything.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim Get Surprise Mod and Pro Support on PS4

Sony and Bethesda worked out their issues, so Fallout 4 and Skyrim will be getting mod and PS4 Pro support.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim on PS4 Won't Have Mod Support

Bethesda and Sony have not been able to work out mod support for its titles.

E3 2016 Central: Everything You Need to Know About The Show

Our comprehensive roundup of all our coverage for E3 2016, organized for your browsing convenience.

Bethesda Hopeful Creates Massive Skyrim Mod as Resume

2,000 hours of work have turned into one epic Skyrim mod.