FIFA 18 Features

FIFA 18 is Tom's Favorite Game of 2017: Deal With It

Yes, he did pick that soccer game, and yes, it's not even the one with the best gameplay. He also liked Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Lost Legacy, and Resident Evil 7, so he's not completely broken.

Why FIFA 18 Fans Are Still Demanding That EA #FixFIFA Nearly Two Months After Launch

Two months after launch, kickoff glitches, input delays, and server problems have fans in open revolt.

The 10 Games You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Xbox One X

So you have an Xbox One X. What now?

Why FIFA 18 Still Has the Best Ultimate Team By Far

This is how you do it right.

EA Sports FIFA Will Have to Step Up Now That the U.S. is Out of the World Cup

A video game's symbiotic relationship with the sport it represents.

Why the FIFA 18 Community is Up in Arms About the Most Recent Patch

Player indicators, rebalanced defending, and a bunch of other issues have FIFA 18 players grumbling.

PES 18 vs FIFA 18: Why FIFA 18 Has the Decided Advantage This Year

We do in-depth into both of this year's big soccer sims.

FIFA 18: Despite Poor Keeper A.I., Scoring Explosion is Actually a Positive Sign for This Year's Entry

EA's quick move to address the surplus the scoring underscores how far the pendulum has swung.

Why is FIFA 18 Focusing So Much on MLS if It Can't Bother to Get the Details Right?

Despite putting the spotlight square on America's domestic league, FIFA 18 still gets almost everything wrong about MLS.

My Own Neymar Transfer Saga in FIFA was Disappointingly Brief

The ongoing Neymar drama highlights the limitations of FIFA's career mode.

Why I Can't See FIFA 18 on the Switch Being a Success

It's about more than graphics or modes.