FIFA 19 Features

How the Frostbite Engine Became a Nightmare for EA in General, and BioWare in Particular

DICE's engine finds a rough reception at other EA studios.

FIFA 19 Has a Bigger Problem Than Frostbite Woes and Bad Patches

EA's popular soccer sim wants to be more realistic and competitive, but it's losing something essential in the process.

How to Enjoy FIFA's FUT 19 Without Spending a Dime - It's Easier Than You Think

Everyone says FUT 19 is pay-to-win, but you're often better off not spending any money at all.

FIFA 19's Divisive Gameplay Changes Highlight the Unique Dilemma Facing the Series

EA is pushing FIFA 19's gameplay toward realism as much as it can, but fans are proving surprisingly resistant amid complaints about the pace of play.

Developers Speak on What Next-Gen Consoles Could Mean for NBA 2K, FIFA, and Other Sports Games

A peek into the future of sports sims on consoles like PS5 and Xbox Two.

FIFA 19 Developers Hint at What to Expect From Career Mode While Going Deep on Gameplay Improvements

INTERVIEW | We talk to creative director Matthew Prior and gameplay producer Kantcho Doskov about what to expect from this year's version.

Breaking Down the New FIFA 19 Tactics Screen

Plus thoughts on changes to crossing, shooting, new commentary, and more.