Final Fantasy 15 News

5 Big Takeaways From Today's Xbox Series X Previews

Load times, last-gen improvements, and a new controller were all discussed in detail today.

Final Fantasy 15's Stadia-Exclusive Content Looks Rough as Hell

Of monster trucks and men.

Final Fantasy 15 Will Live on Through a New MMORPG

Noctis is dead. Noctis lives.

Noctis Reminds Us That Final Fantasy Versus 13 Was a Thing With New Dissidia Costume

Just one question, Noct: What are thooooooose?

The Final Fantasy 15 Novel Collecting Canceled DLC Has Been Delayed for English Readers

The break of dawn has been pushed back a bit for English audiences.

Final Fantasy 15 Novel Reveals the Plot, Concept Art for Canceled DLC

Here's how the canceled DLC would've played out.

Final Fantasy 15 Developers Are Working On a New, Triple-A IP

Luminous is working on something new and big.

Final Fantasy 15's Last Active Time Report Airs Next Week

Final Fantasy 15's time in the spotlight is drawing to a close.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Comrades Mode Now Available as a Standalone Game

Grab some buds and hit the road.

Tons of Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch (But Not the Best One... Sad)

Everyone but Squall fans will be happy in 2019.

Official FFXV Mod Organizer Coming On June 7

Make and share mods for Final Fantasy XV. Nothing too lewd, please (just kidding).

The Minecraft Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Turns the Beautiful Boys into Blocky Boys

Final Fantasy XV's protagonists no longer have hands, or fingers, or functioning organs, but they're too proud to plead for death.

Final Fantasy XV Reveals Four More Episode DLCs for 2019

Episode Luna, custom characters, and a level editor.

Twitch Prime Members With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Can Get an Inbred Purple Chocobo

Thanks for subscribing. Now come get your freak of nature.

Check Out the New Story Scene From Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition

There's actually a new story scene included in the PC release.

Final Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 Team Up for Another Bonkers Costume Crossover

If you take on a mission to save the world, at least be weird about it.

Final Fantasy XV DLC Releases Will Extend Into 2019

You waited for Final Fantasy XV, now it's all you'll get to play.

A Half-Life Costume is Coming to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Because Why the Hell Not

Noctis knows a few things about being the right man in the wrong place.

Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition Adds a Boat and First-Person Camera This March

Yeah, Royal Edition offers up even more new content for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition Coming in March, Requires 155GB for 4K HDR

Square Enix has offered up a release date for the PC version of FFXV.

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Rated For PS4 and Xbox One

Is it time for a complete version of Final Fantasy XV?

Square Enix CEO: Microtransactions Are Better Suited for Mobile Games Than Console Games

"The way that console games are made, the volume of content and how much effort goes into them, there's something in that which doesn't fit in the mind with microtransactions."

Final Fantasy 15 Adds Character Switching With Patch 1.20

Now you can be all Ignis, all the time.

Final Fantasy XV Director Has Plans for Three More "Episode" DLCs in 2018, Maybe More

Final Fantasy XV's director knows you want an Episode Luna

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Joining Tekken 7 in 2018

Fatal Fury's Geese Howard isn't the only Tekken transplant coming in the future.

"Xbox One X Enhanced" Doesn't Always Mean What You Think It Does

Playing enhanced games isn't as simple as popping a disc into the console and enjoying the game in 4K.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Takes the JRPG Road Trip to Multiplayer Later This Month

Rev that engine boys and gals, it's multiplayer JRPG road trip time.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis DLC Gets a Gameplay Trailer

The DLC will have guest music composed by Chrono Trigger's Yasunori Mitsuda

Final Fantasy 15's Tabata: Working On Console "100 Times More Difficult" Than PC

Apparently, working on Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition has been a snap.

Square Enix: "Gone are the Days in Which Single-player Games Were of Primary Status"

Square Enix will focus on games as services.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Has a Release Date

You'll be able to bro it up for Halloween.

Final Fantasy XV for Switch Prototypes "Weren't Satisfactory"

Square Enix is still trying to see if the full Final Fantasy XV can fit on the Nintendo Switch.

Noctis From Final Fantasy XV Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

A new TGS trailer shows off the Final Fantasy XV hero.

You Can Celebrate the Assassin's Festival in Final Fantasy XV Starting Today

The collaboration between Ubisoft and Square Enix went live in a new update yesterday.

Final Fantasy XV Director Wants to Tell Stories Starring the Game's Heroine

Episode Ignis won't be the end of FFXV's stories.

Assassin's Creed Origins and Final Fantasy XV Collaborate for Free "Assassin's Festival" DLC

Okay, raise your hands if you saw this coming.

Final Fantasy XV Needs A Whopping 170GB on PC, Coming Early 2018 [Update]

If you want Final Fantasy XV on Steam, Windows 10, or Origin, Square Enix has you covered.

There Could be a Final Fantasy XV Game on the Nintendo Switch

A pretty weird Final Fantasy Switch tease from Gamescom.

Final Fantasy XV Gets Chibi With A Mobile Pocket Edition

The PC isn't the only platform getting Final Fantasy XV.

Play the Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer DLC Next Week and Create Your Own JRPG Avatar

Imagine how crazy you can make your hair!

Yoko Taro Felt "Trapped" By Big Releases Like Final Fantasy XV, Loves the Game Anyways

Yoko Taro shares a list of his favorite PlayStation games.

Final Fantasy XV's Latest Patch Takes The Regalia Off-Road

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Final Fantasy XV God Mode: What It Is, and How to Activate It

Using the newly-discovered God Mode glitch, Noctis can fly like an eagle to wherever he likes.

Final Fantasy XV Is Entering the World of Third-Person Shooters in Episode Prompto

There looks to be little RPG-ness in this upcoming DLC.

Square-Enix Reports "Record-High" Earnings

Square-Enix will focus on recurring payments and arcades in the following fiscal year.

Final Fantasy XV's Latest Update Adds a New Verse To Chapter 13

The new story additions to Final Fantasy XV are live, setting the stage for DLC.

Hajime Tabata Explains why Prompto was Made a Photographer in Final Fantasy XV

An upcoming interview with Hajime Tabata shines a light on how the Final Fantasy XV producer overcame the game's many development problems--including how to make poor Prompto interesting.

Final Fantasy XV Patch Almost Brings 60 FPS to PS4 Pro Owners

Square Enix has released the promised PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV, but the results aren't great.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patch Brings 60 FPS This Month

Square Enix is planning to make good on its promise to bring 60 FPS FFXV to Pro owners.

Square Enix Offers Cosplay Reference Kits for Final Fantasy XV

If you're looking to show off your best Prompto at a convention, Square Enix has you covered.

Final Fantasy XV's DLC Finally Has Release Dates, Except for Poor Ignis

The Magitek Exosuit will let you pull off your best Power Rangers impression.

Hajime Tabata on Final Fantasy XV's DLC, Chapter 13: "This Won't Be a Completely Different Game"

FFXV's director offers some insight into the game's unconventional downloadable content scheme (and who is FFXV's best boy).

Final Fantasy XV's Next Patch Lets Players Freely Take Pictures and Selfies

Square Enix has outlined what's coming in the next Final Fantasy XV patch.

Final Fantasy XV Free Updates Will "Delve Deeper Into The Story"

FFXV director Hajime Tabata wants to continue evolving Final Fantasy XV through free updates.

Final Fantasy XV Ships 5 Million on Day One, Becomes Fastest-Selling Entry in Franchise

Square Enix' decade-long project is off to a great start.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patches Aim at 60 FPS… Eventually

Square Enix is going to spit shine Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Pro.

Don't Hold Your Breath for Final Fantasy XV on PC

...Unless you can hold your breath for more than a year. Then knock yourself out.

Final Fantasy XV's Strangest Plot Twist Yet: An 8-Bit Revival

It's been a weird and turbulent decade for Final Fantasy XV, but this new mobile tie-in may well take the cake.

Square-Enix Takes Over Abbey Road With Live Final Fantasy XV Concert Today

Tune in this afternoon (or late this morning if you're on the west coast) to hear some live Final Fantasy XV music courtesy of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Final Fantasy XV May Have More DLC Beyond Its Season Pass

The Season Pass revealed for Japan will include six episodes, but there's potentially more content waiting out there.

Final Fantasy XV Skips Hefty Day One Patch, Slips to November 29

Following a number of rumors, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be missing the month of September.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Takes Best of E3 in 2016 Game Critics Awards

The votes had been tallied and the winners stand revealed.

Final Fantasy XV is a 'Make or Break' Title for the Franchise

Square Enix has a lot riding on the success of the next Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV Needs 10 Million Sold to Recoup 10 Years of Work [Update]

Square Enix is setting high targets for the next Final Fantasy.

All of Tonight's Final Fantasy XV News: Release Date, New Movie, and More [Update: Trailers Added]

Final Fantasy XV is finally coming out on September 30, and it's bringing tie-in media.

Final Fantasy XV's Lack of Core Female Characters Goes Against Tradition

Having important secondary roles isn't quite the same thing.