Final Fantasy Features

How the NES Changed RPGs Forever

Axe of the Blood God's Console RPG Quest continues!

The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

Some Final Fantasy games have remakes of their remakes. What's the definitive version of each single-player mainline installment? Let us help you.

Hajime Tabata Pulls Back the Curtain on Luminous Productions

Square Enix’s latest splinter project appears to be striking out in new yet familiar directions.

The Top 5 Legendary Weapons in RPG History

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD | Kat and Nadia pick the best legendary weapons from Final Fantasy, World of WarCraft, and more.

Starting Screen | Happy Anniversary to Final Fantasy VI, Square Enix's First RPG for Adults

STARTING SCREEN | The older you get, the easier it is to appreciate Square Enix's 16-bit RPG masterpiece.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Lacking in the "Dissidia" Department

The latest Final Fantasy fighting game feels nothing like its predecessors.

Where You Should Start in Final Fantasy on its 30th Anniversary

Want to get into Final Fantasy? We list entry points for beginning, intermediate, and experienced fans of the series.

The 10 Best Turtles in Video Games

Let's celebrate World Turtle Day by counting down the ten best (unstomped) digital terrapins!

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Sidekick

From bird-dogs to field chefs, we examine the best in 2016's sidekicks.

How Will Nintendo Switch Change Our Favorite Games?

Nintendo's next system will play host to lots of familiar series. We speculate how they'll take advantage of the unconventional hardware.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Puts Final Fantasy's Run on the Super Nintendo into Perspective

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD: What did Final Fantasy mean for the SNES, and vice versa? We discuss! Plus: God Eater and Fallout 4's last batch of DLC.

Final Fantasy VI, the Essence of a Franchise Distilled for SNES

Though perhaps not the best of the series, FFVI was definitely the most Final Fantasy-ish of the lot.

Cover Story: Teaching Creative Thought and Expression Through Video Games

Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard novel series and other published works serve as examples of how video games encourage writers and other creative types to dream and grow.

Retronauts Explores Final Fantasy (the NES Game)

The adventure that kicked off the world's most popular RPG series is getting a new lease on life through the NES Classic Mini, and we give it a thorough look.

The Final Fantasist: A Conversation With Yoshitaka Amano

COVER STORY: The artist who has given life to so many Final Fantasy games speaks about his inspirations, the difference between fine and commercial art, and his current projects.

How the Game Boy Advance Re-Introduced Americans to the 16-bit Chapters of Final Fantasy

The GBA installments of Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI finally let English-speaking audiences play restored, uncensored versions of the classic RPGs.

A Music-Laced Look Back at the Career of Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu

The Retronauts podcast gets musical this week with a survey of Uematsu's career and classic compositions.

All-Time 16-Bit Classics: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Best Super NES Games (Update: 1994!)

The year 1994 arrives, and with it some of the greatest games ever made. Our year-by-year video guide to the best of Super NES continues!

The Long Journey West: 8 Japanese Games that Took Their Time Making it to America

Final Fantasy Type-0 isn't the only game to linger for years in a state of uncertainty. Now with video!

Every Final Fantasy is Star Wars

It doesn't matter how much a Star Wars nerd you think you are — you've got nothing on the creators of Final Fantasy, who have built a career (and a video game empire) on borrowing liberally from George Lucas.

Video Games and the Star Wars Outsider

Bob explains the strangeness of seeing Star Wars long after playing the many games it inspired.

Hironobu Sakaguchi Clears the Air on Final Fantasy VI

The creator of Square-Enix's legendary RPG series shatters a widely believed misconception.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Is Worth Putting in Your Archives

Square Enix and DeNA deliver the first original Final Fantasy mobile game that's worth something.

The 10 Essential Last-Gen Console RPGs

The newest consoles are a little light on must-have RPGs yet, but that just means now is the perfect time to catch up on the greats from last generation.

Mevius Final Fantasy: Fighting Monsters in Your Armored Swimsuit

The reception to the main character design of Square Enix' upcoming mobile game has been interesting.

2014 Recap: Kat and Jeremy Share Their Appreciation for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Kat and Jeremy discuss the merits of one of 2014's unfairly overlooked RPGs.

Where Final Fantasy Went Wrong, and How Square Enix is Putting It Right

Final Fantasy's star has lost its shine for many fans. We speak with the series' creators to learn how they're working to restore its former glory.

Diary of a Final Fantasy Explorer: Tripping the Lite

Jeremy hunkers down to spend a whole lot of time with the upcoming 3DS action RPG, beginning with Japan's recent demo.

Gaming Auteurs: Akitoshi Kawazu

No one in the world makes RPGs quite like those of Final Fantasy's quirkiest co-designer... for better, and for worse.

Final Fantasy XIII's Uninvolving First Half Makes Its Beautiful PC Port a Hard Sell

Freed from the limitations of consoles, Final Fantasy XIII has never looked better—but it's certainly played better.

Hironobu Sakaguchi on the Download-Driven Inspiration Behind Terra Battle

The new mobile game from the creator of Final Fantasy debuts tomorrow, and we look into its unconventional promotional plan.

Resonance of Fate is the RPG You Should Have Played Over Final Fantasy XIII

... And now that it's on PSN, there's never been a better time to check out one of the best console RPGs you might have missed.

Who Makes the Best Final Fantasy Games?

We take an in-depth look at the men behind the long-running RPG franchise and ask, "Who does it best?"

Daily Classic: The Final Fantasy Legend, Portable Role-Playing's Esoteric Start

25 years ago, the world's first handheld RPG was also Squaresoft's most daring creation.

Daily Classic: Curse of the Azure Bonds, the Alternate Universe Final Fantasy XIII

Ever wondered what Final Fantasy XIII might have been like as a PC RPG? 25 years ago, SSI answered that question preemptively.

Final Fantasy's Producer Asks: What Makes a Good (or Bad) English Localization?

Yoshinori Kitase wants your feedback on how American gamers prefer their English-language RPGs.

Final Fantasy FAQ and Beginner's Guide: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Final Fantasy Games

Interested in learning more about the world's most popular RPG series? Here's everything you need to know: what Final Fantasy is, how it plays through, what are the best and worst games in the series - and where you should get started!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide – How to Beat Bhunivelze and Complete the Final Day

If you've made it this far, congratulations. The only thing left to do is defeat Bhunivelze. This walkthrough explains how.

The Complete Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Need help with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? You've come to the right place. Here's where you can find all the information you achieve 100% completion.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Canvas of Prayers Walkthrough - Final Quests

Need help completing the last few parts of the epic Canvas of Prayers quest line? Everything you need is right here.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Canvas of Prayers Walkthrough - The Dead Dunes

Here's how to battle endless Cactuars on your way to completing the Canvas of Prayers quest line in the Dead Dunes.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Canvas of Prayers Walkthrough - The Wildlands

If you need information about the Canvas of Prayers quest line in the Wildlands, this guide has you covered.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Canvas of Prayers Walkthrough - Yusnaan

Stuck in Yusnaan and need help with the Canvas of Prayers quests? Here's what you need to know.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Canvas of Prayers Walkthrough - Luxerion

If you're looking for help with the Canvas of Prayers quests in Luxerion, this complete guide has everything you need.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Side Quests Guide - Wildlands Walkthrough

Stuck on any Wildlands side quests? Here's where you can find help.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Side Quests Guide - Yussnan Walkthrough

Trying to work through all the side quests in Yussnan and need some help. This guide will take you through everything, step-by-step.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Side Quests Guide - Dead Dunes Walkthrough

If you want to complete all the Dead Dunes side quests, this guide will make it easy.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Side Quests Guide - Luxerion Walkthrough

If you're tackling the side quests in Luxerion, this comprehensive guide will be very handy.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Dead Dunes Quests and How to Beat Grendel

Getting to the Final Day involves beating Grendel. This walkthrough tells you how to do it.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Luxurion Quests and How to Beat Noel

Want to get the Shadow Hunter Weapon? This comprehensive walkthrough has all the information you need to beat Noel.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Wildlands Quests and How to Beat Caius Ballad and Cactair

Want to get Chaos's Revenge and the Fragment of Kindness? This walkthrough tells you how to defeat both the bosses that have them.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Yusnaan Quests and How to Beat Snow

This comprehensive walkthrough covers the Yusnaan main quests, and how to defeat Snow to gain the Ghostly Hood.

Final Fantasy XIII: A Franchise Firmly Leaves Fans Behind

Mike offers a different theory on why fans dislike Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII.

It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad

A series that was once the defining name in RPGs is now often the target of scorn. Why?

Revisiting Final Fantasy's Awkward Middle Age Through FFX HD

Fancy graphics only serve to highlight the odd nature of Final Fantasy's first PS2 outing.

Lightning Returns: A Reminder That Final Fantasy is at Its Best When It's Scrappy and Weird

Jeremy finds the latest Final Fantasy a bizarre, contradictory mishmash, and that's what he likes about it.

Bravely Default Could be the Best Final Fantasy in a Decade

With its focus on mechanics over theatrics, Square-Enix's newest brand recalls the developer's salad days.

TGS: Secrets of the New Final Fantasy Sound

How The World Ends With you and Final Fantasy Type-0 composer Takeharu Ishimoto is pushing RPG soundtracks into a new frontier.

TGS: Lightning Returns is the Opposite of Final Fantasy XIII

Who said sequels had to be anything like their predecessors?

Is Final Fantasy Dead?

The USgamer team ponders the fate of Square Enix's flagship role-playing game series.

Final Fantasy Born Again

Eurogamer's Simon Parkin takes a closer look at how Square Enix is doing its best to fix the "problem child" of the Final Fantasy family.

What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?

We look back in series history and see how we ended up with an action RPG as the franchise's latest.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Full E3 Interview

Our in-depth conversation with director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase digs into the details and mechanics of the grand finale of the tumultuous Final Fantasy XIII saga.

Looking Backward and Forward with the Final Fantasy Team

Kitase and Toriyama reflect on the series' changes and the path to reinvigorated success.

Square Wants to Know: Do Gamers Want a Modern Turn-Based Final Fantasy?

An interview with the creators of Lightning Returns yields an unexpected (but intriguing) turnabout.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Future of Final Fantasy

Not only did Square-Enix surprise us with a new game, they've also told us what's in store for the future of Final Fantasy.