Final Fantasy Reviews

Super NES Retro Review: Final Fantasy VI

Join us as we review every Super NES Classic game. Next up: The reigning prince of 16-bit RPGs.

The Pursuit of Emptiness: FF Explorers Betrays the Spirit of Final Fantasy

Jeremy digs into one of his most anticipated games of 2016 only to find hollow disappointment.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Review: For Old Times' Sake

Though fixated on death, this spin-off bodes well for Final Fantasy's future liveliness.

Lightning Returns PS3 Review: Not the Future of Final Fantasy, Just an Intriguingly Weird Present

The Final Fantasy XIII saga continues to be tremendously polarizing and occasionally somewhat baffling. But on the other hand, this final entry plays better than ever.

Bravely Default 3DS Review: The Final Fantasy That Never Was

Silicon Studio and Square Enix's latest makes no attempt to hide its roots. Is this a firm foundation for a new game, or has the world moved on since Final Fantasy's PlayStation 1 era?