Fire Emblem Heroes News

New Report Says Nintendo Is Cooling on Mobile Games

With the Switch doing well, it seems Nintendo's not sure it needs to push hard on mobile.

Fire Emblem Heroes is Changing Summoning in a Big Way

You can now select any hero from an event, after a certain amount of pulls.

From Candy Crush to Hearthstone: How the Loot Box Bill Could Affect Some of the Industry's Biggest Games

The bill defines microtransactions and loot boxes, but questions remain.

Nintendo Pulls Mobile Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem From Belgium Over Loot Box Laws

US is safe for now, despite a looming senator's bill.

Nintendo Doesn't Want to Look Greedy Over Mobile Game Microtransactions

Nintendo is doing its best to prevent its mobile partners from taking more of your money.

Beast Units Claw Their Way into Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is now a veritable Animal Farm.

New Nintendo President Wants to Grow Company's Mobile Games Into a 100 Billion Yen Business

"Smartphone Games are the Ones I Want to Expand the Most"

Super Mario Run Has "Not yet Reached an Acceptable Profit Point:" Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes is doing pretty swell, though.

Reddit Datamines a Fire Emblem Heroes Summer Event

Fire Emblem Heroes might be gearing up for summer.

Fire Emblem Heroes Knows Its Audience, Adds Wedding Costumes

This is how Nintendo funds future Fire Emblem games.

Will Ike Star in a New Fire Emblem Remake?

Did Nintendo stir up a frenzy over a typo?

Fire Emblem Heroes Graces Us With Ike's Radiance Tomorrow

The winner of the character popularity poll gets his chance in the sunlight.

Fire Emblem Heroes Showcases Fire Emblem Echoes' Cast in 'World of Shadows'

Nintendo is playing up the upcoming 3DS release with new Heroes on mobile.

Brothers and Sisters Take to the Battlefield in Fire Emblem Heroes Update

New Fire Emblem Heroes content offers "Family Bonds" summons as well as additional story content. May your Orbs be plentiful.

Fire Emblem Heroes Player Spends $1000, Never Gets Hector or Leo

With any gacha mechanic game comes those who have the cash to burn.

Fire Emblem Heroes Fan Favorites Poll Led By Ike, Roy, Lucina, Lyn, and Tharja

The poll is only at its midpoint, but some characters are pulling ahead in the rankings.

Fire Emblem Goes Free-to-Play With Fire Emblem Heroes for Mobile

Fire Emblem comes to phones and tablets in February.