For Honor Features

For Honor is Still Finding Itself a Year Later

Ubisoft's game of medieval combat hasn't quite reached its final form.

Honor Rules? For Honor Isn't Dark Souls

Oh, and using environmental hazards to eliminate the enemy is really okay.

For Honor's Multiplayer is Brutal, Bone-Crunching, and Brilliant

Its campaign might be underwhelming, but For Honor's multiplayer really delivers the goods.

For Honor's Campaign: Occasionally Fun, But Mostly Underwhelming

Having blazed through For Honor's story mode in about six hours, Jaz is left with mixed feelings.

Damn! For Honor is Really Difficult to Master!

But that's not necessarily a Bad Thing.

For Honor Preview: A Whole New Sword Game

Jaz plays Ubisoft's upcoming sword fighting game, and talks to creative director Jason Vandenberghe about how it was developed.

For Honor: Today is a Good Day to Die

Mike takes a look at Ubisoft's multiplayer shot at medieval warfare.