For Honor Guides

For Honor: Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Everything Else

Need help becoming a renowned warrior? We'll show you everything you need to know.

For Honor: Lawbringer Hero Guide

Master parrying with the poleaxe with the Lawbringer. We'll show you how.

For Honor: Warden Hero Guide

The Warden is the best hero type for beginners. We show you how to make the most of the versatile hero.

For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes

Not all heroes are created equal. We'll show you the best of the best to try in For Honor.

For Honor - All Observables and Breakables from Chapter 1.1: Warlords and Cowards

In between fighting soldiers and dueling with other warriors, you can track down this game's collectibles, Observables and Breakables. Here's where to find them all in Chapter 1.1.

For Honor: Tips for Blocking, Guard Breaking, Taking On Groups, and Honorable Kills

Let us give you some tips and pointers for mastering the decidedly different combat in For Honor.