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What's Your Favorite Video Game Demo?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | While we're not doing combos in the warehouse, let's chat about some great game demos.

The 25 Best Xbox One Games

Our always rotating list of the best games on Microsoft's console, and its premium partner the Xbox One X. Now updated for 2020!

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COMMUNITY QUESTION | Days Gone has drifted onto PS4 with its motorcycle steed, so let's talk about some other vehicles we love from games.

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God of War is back, but there are more classics that need the same kind of love.

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USgamer's Friday Community Question is back, baby! This week: What multiplayer game is your bread and butter?

The New Mutants: Four Games that Changed Drastically During Development

Things don't always go according to plan—especially when it comes to video games.

Halo 5 : Guardians Campaign Preview: Silky Smooth

How are Halo 5: Guardians' campaign missions coming along? Judging by the demo we recently played, very nicely indeed.

Halo TV Series Still Alive at Showtime

Xbox Entertainment Studios is dead, but the Halo television series is still showing signs of life.

Halo 5 is Rated T: The Beginning of ESRB Ratings Creep?

343 Industries' latest is the only mainstream Halo title to be rated Teen by the ESRB.

Astonished by the Halo 5 HoloLens Briefing Demo

Expecting to see just a Halo 5 Guardians: Warzone demo, Jaz saw a lot more than he bargained for - and came away deeply impressed.

Halo: Nightfall's Agent Locke Expands the Halo Universe Again

Agent Locke, the star of Halo Nightfall, will also play a big part in the next Halo title.

E3 2014: Will Microsoft's Halo Gambit Pay Off?

There's more Halo on the way, but does the franchise still have legs enough to justify it all?

Double Dip: What Halo and Last of Us Can Learn from Persona 4 Golden

More remastered versions are on their way as the generation gets properly underway. Here's what they can learn from the best of the bunch.

Halo 5 Gets Both a Subtitle and a 2015 Release Date

Master Chief's new adventure will go under the name "Guardians," but don't expect to learn what that means for another 18 months.