Heroes of the Storm Features

"My Life is In Shambles Now" - Pro Players Were Unprepared for the End of Heroes of the Storm Esports

Blizzard didn't owe pro players an explanation, but announcing the end of an esports league has consequences.

On its Second Anniversary, Heroes of the Storm Has Finally Turned a Corner

We talk to Heroes of the Storm's lead designer about the challenges faced to this point, and why it deserves to be appreciated in its own right.

Kat and Mike Tackle Heroes of the Storm: Should You Play Blizzard's New MOBA?

With Heroes of the Storm now available, we dive in and see whether it's worth checking out.

Tuesday Stream: Let's Play Some Heroes of the Storm

Kat will be playing some Heroes of the Storm at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Come see it in action, or team up with Kat on Battle.net.

How Heroes of the Storm Finally Managed to Drag Me into MOBAs

After years of denial, Heroes of the Storm has proven to be the icebreaker.

Heroes of the Storm Director: "It's Not Done, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet"

Mike talks to Blizzard game director Dustin Browder about developing the publisher's new MOBA.

Why Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA That You'll Love or Hate

Blizzard's move for accessibility is a boon for those new to the genre - but how will it go down with existing MOBA diehards? Eurogamer's Richard Cobbett investigates.