Hitman 2 Review

The jetset life is gonna kill you.

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Complete the Tasteless, Traceless challenge.

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From a tattoo gone wrong to a fling with real estate, these are the best kills in Hitman 2.

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Agent 47 is a master of disguises, no matter how wrong a fit he is for them.

Hitman 2 Review

The jetset life is gonna kill you.

Hitman Blood Money and Absolution Rated for Xbox One and PS4

The last two Hitman games might see a release on modern consoles.

Xbox Games with Gold for October Includes Overcooked and Hitman: Blood Money

Get them when they become available.

Hitman Summer Pack Lets You Play the Marrakesh Level Free for a Limited Time

There ain't no assassinations like sunlit assassinations.

Hitman 2's Preorder Bonus Mode, Sniper Assassin, Builds on its Old Mobile Spin-Off in Some Really Neat Ways

You can snipe your targets, or utilize the environment to kill them.

Hitman 2 Going in a Non-Episodic Direction is a Huge Disappointment

Here's to hoping the post-launch content is just as rich, if not better than season one's.

You Can Play Hitman 2's New Co-Op Mode Right Now

Well look at that.

Hitman 2 Ditches Season Structure, Adds Co-Op

Trailers, release date, and more.

IO Interactive Says Hitman Gained Five Million Players Since the Start of 2017

Gaining independence has been a "watershed" moment for IO Interactive

IO Interactive Teases the Next Hitman Game

IO Interactive's CEO uses Hitman GOTY Edition's launch to tease a sequel.

The 10 Games You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Xbox One X

So you have an Xbox One X. What now?

Hitman Gets a Game of the Year Edition With Additional Campaign

It's not Season 2, but IO Interactive is offering something new for Hitman.

Hitman's First New Content Won't Be Season 2

Hitman is showing off its first post-Square Enix content on October 24.

Hitman Contracts The Final Elusive Target of Season One

IO Interactive wraps up the season with something… entertaining.

Now Is the Time to Play Hitman, as IO Offers Tutorial Mission for Free

IO Interactive goes indie and gives players a chance to jump into Hitman.

IO Interactive Becomes Independent Studio, Retains Rights to Hitman

The former Square Enix dev studio is going it alone and taking Hitman with it.

Hitman's First Season Drops The Episodic Business Model

As IO Interactive searches for a new parent company, Hitman switches to a single release.

Square Enix Will Sell Hitman Rights as IO Interactive Continues to Struggle

IO Interactive's status still remains precarious.

Is Hitman Silenced? Square Enix Seeking Buyer For Developer IO Interactive

The future of the Hitman series is in doubt after its creator is put up for sale by owner Square Enix.

Hitman Season One: Looking Back With Creative Director Christian Elverdam

As IO Interactive wraps up Hitman's first season, we look back on where the season succeeded.

Hitman Season One PC Review: The Best Damned James Bond Game You'll Ever Play

IO Interactive finishes the first season of the episodic adventures of Agent 47.

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Surprise

We look back on a year loaded with surprise gems.

Hitman's November Update Adds Offline Support for Unlocks

As the first season ends, IO Interactive fixes a major complaint about the new Hitman.

Hitman's US Episode Contracted for September 27

The fifth episode of Hitman has a release date and a target.

Hitman's Complete First Season Stakes Out Retail on January 31

IO Interactive is wrapping up the first season of the new Hitman with a disc release.

Hitman Episode 4 PlayStation 4 Review: A Slightly Sour Note

After a hat trick of great episodes, IO Interactive's globetrotting assassin series falters just a bit with this fourth installment.

Hitman Continues to Invest in Ephemera With Bangkok-Based Episode 4

There's something marvelously zen about how many resources IO Interactive sinks into this game when some parts of it can only be experienced once.

Video Round-Up: World of Warcraft, No Man's Sky, and Hitman

Find out about Gul'Dan's past and where you can kill Gary Busey, all in the same place!

This Week, Hitman Becomes a Gary Busey-Specific Murder Simulator

Starting July 21st, you'll have a solid seven days to bag one of Hollywood's more iconic actors.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Tasteless, Traceless

Complete the Tasteless, Traceless challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Drowning Your Sorrows

How to complete Drowning Your Sorrows.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Bad Blood

How to complete the Bad Blood opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Unhappy Ending

Complete the Unhappy Ending challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Electrified

How to complete the Electrified challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Bathroom Break

Complete the Bathroom Break challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Don’t Use That Tone

Complete the Don’t Use That Tone challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Why We Fight

Complete the Why We Fight opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - A Room with a Moose

How to complete A Room with a Moose.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Drama Queen

Complete the Drama Queen challenge.

Hitman Episode 3 PlayStation 4 Review: Murder in Marrakesh

IO Interactive's episodic stealth series returns with another fantastic dose of content.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Prime Time

How to complete the Prime Time opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Open Sesame

How to complete the Open Sesame opportunity.

Hitman: Elusive Target - How to Kill The Congressman

How to kill The Congressman in Hitman.

Hitman Episode 2 PlayStation 4 Review: Murder, Italian Style

IO Interactive's episodic take on creative assassinations continues with a prettier locale, and some new surprises.

Hitman - Paris: How to Get the Vampire Magician Disguise

Find the Vampire Magician’s disguise in the Attic.

Hitman - Paris: Terminal Velocity

How to throw Dalia onto Viktor’s head.

Hitman - Paris: Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Complete 11 Challenges in The Showstopper.

Hitman - Not for Human Consumption

Complete the Not for Human Consumption Feat.

Hitman - Private Meeting - Mr Norfolk Disguise

Get the Norfolk disguise to complete Private Meeting.

Hitman Episode One PlayStation 4 Review: The Art of Murder

IO Interactive tweaks Agent 47's world of creative assassinations for the best interpretation of the series yet.

Hitman Beta Impressions: Back For Some Blood Money

IO Interactive's next Hitman might be launching in an odd format, but the beta points to a studio heading in the right direction.

Hitman Continues Square Enix' Shift Toward Episodic Gaming

Following the relative success of Life is Strange and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, Hitman is also coming in separate episodes.

Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #8: Toad: Absolution

An agent must use every disguise at their disposal.

Hitman Go iOS Review: Game of Life Meets Game of Death

Yes, classic console and PC franchises really can work on mobile platforms. Agent 47's stylish new outing shows the rest how it's done.