Hitman 3 News

Hitman 3 Will Reveal a New Neon-Drenched Locale Tomorrow

Hot on the heels of IO's big 007 announcement, Hitman's looking to give Night City a run for its money.

Hitman 3 and Control Are Coming to Switch Via the Cloud

Cloud gaming is rolling out on more Switches.

Hitman 3 Sets Release Date and Guarantees Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Agent 47's coming to all platforms just a few weeks into the new year.

Hitman 3 Will Be a Timed Epic Exclusive on PC [Update]

Also, Agent 47 becomes Inspector 47.

Hitman 3 Drops PvP Ghost Mode, Servers Will Shut Down on August 31

Ghost Mode isn't coming to Hitman 3, and the Hitman 2 servers are shutting down as well.

Hitman 3 Brings the Full Trilogy Into Virtual Reality

Get up close and personal.

Hitman 3 Will Try to Weave More Story Into Its Sandbox Assassinations

The last title in the trilogy will also change up its cinematics yet again.

Hitman 3 Will Let Players Carry Forward Locations and Progress From Previous Games

This time around, your Hitman 2 progress will matter for the sequel.

Hitman 3 Will Cap Off the Reboot Trilogy in January 2021 [Update]

Agent 47's next assassination mission is coming, and it'll be on next-gen.