Hitman Guides

Hitman: Marrakesh - Tasteless, Traceless

Complete the Tasteless, Traceless challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Drowning Your Sorrows

How to complete Drowning Your Sorrows.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Bad Blood

How to complete the Bad Blood opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Unhappy Ending

Complete the Unhappy Ending challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Electrified

How to complete the Electrified challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Bathroom Break

Complete the Bathroom Break challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Don’t Use That Tone

Complete the Don’t Use That Tone challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Why We Fight

Complete the Why We Fight opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - A Room with a Moose

How to complete A Room with a Moose.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Drama Queen

Complete the Drama Queen challenge.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Prime Time

How to complete the Prime Time opportunity.

Hitman: Marrakesh - Open Sesame

How to complete the Open Sesame opportunity.

Hitman: Elusive Target - How to Kill The Congressman

How to kill The Congressman in Hitman.

Hitman - Paris: How to Get the Vampire Magician Disguise

Find the Vampire Magician’s disguise in the Attic.

Hitman - Paris: Terminal Velocity

How to throw Dalia onto Viktor’s head.

Hitman - Paris: Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Complete 11 Challenges in The Showstopper.

Hitman - Not for Human Consumption

Complete the Not for Human Consumption Feat.

Hitman - Private Meeting - Mr Norfolk Disguise

Get the Norfolk disguise to complete Private Meeting.