Hitman Reviews

Hitman 2 Review

The jetset life is gonna kill you.

Hitman Season One PC Review: The Best Damned James Bond Game You'll Ever Play

IO Interactive finishes the first season of the episodic adventures of Agent 47.

Hitman Episode 4 PlayStation 4 Review: A Slightly Sour Note

After a hat trick of great episodes, IO Interactive's globetrotting assassin series falters just a bit with this fourth installment.

Hitman Episode 3 PlayStation 4 Review: Murder in Marrakesh

IO Interactive's episodic stealth series returns with another fantastic dose of content.

Hitman Episode 2 PlayStation 4 Review: Murder, Italian Style

IO Interactive's episodic take on creative assassinations continues with a prettier locale, and some new surprises.

Hitman Episode One PlayStation 4 Review: The Art of Murder

IO Interactive tweaks Agent 47's world of creative assassinations for the best interpretation of the series yet.

Hitman Go iOS Review: Game of Life Meets Game of Death

Yes, classic console and PC franchises really can work on mobile platforms. Agent 47's stylish new outing shows the rest how it's done.