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What's Your Favorite Rare Game?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With the recent anniversary for Perfect Dark, it's time to figure out what's your favorite Rare game.

Adam Boyes Doesn't Miss the Console Wars

At DICE 2020, Adam Boyes tells us about maintaining Iron Galaxy without crunch, developing ports, and more.

EVO 2015: The Highs, The Lows, and The Weirdness

Here's assorted highlights for last weekend's fighting extravaganza.

Killer Instinct S2 Dev: "No One at Iron Galaxy Cares About Lore, We Just Want to Make Cool Characters"

Mike chats with Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang about crafting some killer new characters for this season of Killer Instinct.

Points of Transition: Fighting Games in the 1990s and Today

Fighting games weathered one big transition. How will they handle the next?

EVO 2014 Highlights: The Matches We'll be Talking About Until Next Year

Here's some of the best matches from the EVO 2014 tournament this weekend. Upsets, bracket resets, and the Wong Factor add up to an amazing competition.

Killer Instinct Combos and Ultra Combos Guide

Want to know how to combo in Killer Instinct for Xbox One? USgamer gives you the skinny on the basics.

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