Killer Instinct News

Divekick and Killer Instinct Makers Iron Galaxy Announce New Melee Multiplayer Project

The Chicago-based team is also welcoming some Bungie talent to the fold and creating a new Co-CEO position.

Evo Online Unveiled as Series of Online Tournaments Throughout July, With a Notable Absence

Exhibitions and open online tournaments will take place across five weekends.

Killer Instinct on Steam Will Let You Play With Xbox One and Windows 10 Players

Cross-play will be alive and well with Killer Instinct on Steam.

Everything You Need To Know About Killer Instinct's Teabagging Controversy

Killer Instinct tournament organizers decide to make etiquette into hard rules, only to change course.

Killer Instinct Reintroduces Ultimates and Launches The 2017 KI Ultra Tour

A classic mechanic and a new character highlight the beginning of KI's eSports season.

Killer Instinct's Legends of Thunder Pack Brings Character Close to His Roots

Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy reinvision Chief Thunder again, with the help of the Nez Percé.

Killer Instinct Xbox One Handed Off to Divekick Dev Iron Galaxy

Iron Galaxy takes over the development of Killer Instinct after Amazon's acquisition of Double Helix Games.

Amazon Acquires Killer Instinct Dev Double Helix

Double Helix has been brought under the online retail giant's banner.

Killer Instinct to "Jail" Ragequitters

Double Helix has come up with a satisfying solution to that most frustrating of online play problems.

Killer Instinct and the Price of Free-to-Play Fighters

We already knew that the new Killer Instinct was free-to-play, but now you know how much it'll set you back. (Not much.)