Mad Max Features

Relishing the Vast Post-Apocalypse of the Highly Underrated Mad Max

There's a lot more to Mad Max than meets the eye.

Carmageddon, the Mad Max Racer That Never Was

When their licensing plans fell through, Stainless Software decided to throw social responsibility to the wind and double down on bad behavior.

Mad Max: Every Driver is My White Whale, I Must Get My Harpoon

Wrecking fools in Mad Max's wasteland is an absolute blast.

Can Mad Max Succeed as a Game the Same Way It Works as a Film?

Fury Road brought substance to the clich├ęs of action movies. Can Savage Road do likewise for sandbox games?

We Need More Action Games Like Mad Max: Fury Road

Surprisingly few action games have the punch of the recently-released film. Kat examines why.