Mafia 3 Features

Narrative Paramedics: Meet the Writers Called in to Patch Up Games

INSIDE THE WRITING IN GAMES | "Writers, in general, are not hired soon enough in the process and I think that is one thing that all game writers would probably agree on."

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Sidekick

From bird-dogs to field chefs, we examine the best in 2016's sidekicks.

Mafia III's In-Game Content Warning Is a Smart and Mature Inclusion

Content warnings let players control their experience instead of being subjected to censorship.

From Us to You! is Riding Into the Sunset (For Now)

PODCAST: Our flagship podcast is going on hiatus, but not before diving into Mafia 3, Overwatch Halloween costumes, and more!

Mafia III Wants You to Make a Different Kind of Family

2K's latest Mafia game is taking things in a new direction that piques Mike's interest.