Mega Man 11 Features

I'm Now Super Worried About the Mega Man Movie

Say, I know a gal who's available to help with the script. Her name rhymes with Nadia Ploxford.

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Here's Why Mega Man 11's Boss Doors Have People Riled Up

Wiping your feet before entering Block Man's lair is mandatory.

Mega Man 11's Double Gear System Takes Some Getting Used to if You're a Long-Time Mega Man Fan

Let's all throw ourselves down and drum our heels on the ground.

Mega Man 11 Hands-On: The Polar Opposite of the Nostalgia-Laden Mega Man 9 and 10

We take a look at Mega Man 11's new gear system and ponder the direction of Capcom's latest revival.

2018 Will be the Year of Mega Man

In the coming year, Mega Man will get equipped with another chance to win our hearts.

The USgamer Podcast: Nadia is so Ready for Mega Man 11

PODCAST | The crew talk Five Nights at Freddy's, Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, and of course, Mega Man 11.

Four difficulty Settings and No Female Robot Masters: 11 Things We Know About Mega Man 11

We have 11 things to tell you about Mega Man's upcoming game.

Mega Man 11 Marks the End of a Long, Sad Period for Mega Man Fans

Will the game be any good? Who knows? For now, it's just nice to hear Capcom say Mega Man's name without adding the words "for mobile."