NHL 15 Features

The State of NHL: Where the Franchise Sits Going Into NHL 16

With NHL 16 due out tomorrow, Kat examines where EA's hockey sim is right now and where it's going.

Inside NHL 16: How EA Turned to the Fans to Help Rebound from a Disappointing Year

After the poor reception afforded NHL 15, the team went back to the drawing board. Then they brought in the fans.

Tuesday Stream: Kat Sims the NHL Playoffs in NHL 15

Want to know who will win the Stanley Cup? Tune in at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

The State of Sports Games: A Primer

Where are sports games now, and where are they going? Kat examines a genre that's just now settling into the new generation of consoles.

Archived Stream: It's GamesRadar vs. USgamer in NHL 15

Take a break from Destiny and watch Kat take on GamesRadar freelancer Rich Grisham in a five game series.

The Untimely Death of NHL's GM Connected

For as good as it looks this year, NHL 15 is going to disappoint many longtime fans. Here's why.

E3 2014: Why NHL 15 Has a Shot at Being This Generation's Best Sports Game

EA Canada has gone all out on a next-gen revamp that has NHL 15 looking like an early favorite for this generation's best sports game.