Nioh 2 Guides

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Enenra Boss Fight

The fire Yokai, Enenra, is waiting for you in the Great Forge at the end of Nioh 2's second mission. Here's how to beat it.

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Mezuki Boss Fight

Here's how to beat the horse Yokai Mezuki at the end of the first mission, "The Village Of Cursed Blossoms".

Nioh 2: Best Weapons

We'll cover Nioh 2's best weapons, whether you're a beginner or in the late game.

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Gozuki Boss Fight

The first optional boss of the game is a real challenge with a real reward. We'll show you how to beat the bull-headed Gozuki.

Nioh 2: How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

The four-armed blue and red boss of Nioh 2 is one of its nastiest. We'll show you how to defeat him here.

Nioh 2: What to Give to the "It Seems as Though It Wants Something" Purple Kodama Spirit

We show you what items you should give to the little skull-faced purple spirits in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2: Combat and Weapon Stances Explained

We explain which stance you should pick when going into a fight.

How to Turn Into a Yokai in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 has a lot of layers, but none are arguably more complex - or more important - as your Yokai form and your Amrita meter.

Nioh 2 Beta - How to Play the Open Beta

Here’s our guide to the new Nioh 2 Beta, including dates, details and rewards.