Overwatch Review: Cheers, Love. The Cavalry's Here

We dig into Blizzard's first foray into the first-person shooter genre.

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Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Event Start Date, All New and Returning Skins

The Overwatch Anniversary Event returns for 2019, bringing with it a ton of new character skins, emotes, sprays, and more.

Overwatch Storm Rising Launch Times, New Skins, Maximilien PvE - Everything we Know About Overwatch Archives 2019

Overwatch Archives returns in 2019 with the Storm Rising event. Here's the release times, new skins, and everything else you need to know.

Overwatch Year of the Pig Start Date - All New Legendary Skins - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the new Lunar New Year 2019 event for Overwatch, celebrating the Year of the Pig.

Overwatch League Teams Will Give Away Copies of Overwatch on PC Soon

A free giveaway leaks a little bit early.

Overwatch Is Removing Hero Pools From Its Competitive Mode

The hero pool experiment is being rolled back.

Loot Boxes Now Have a Dedicated ESRB Rating Notice

Coming to any physical game with "loot boxes, gacha games, item or card packs, prize wheels, treasure chests, and more."

Echo Officially Joins the Overwatch Roster Next Week

On Tuesday, the blue-faced bot finally makes the roster.

Battle.net Is Getting Slammed by Denial of Service Attacks Right Now

It's impacting everything from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Echo Is Finally Joining the Overwatch Roster [Update]

The flying blue A.I. arrives.

Adam Boyes Doesn't Miss the Console Wars

At DICE 2020, Adam Boyes tells us about maintaining Iron Galaxy without crunch, developing ports, and more.

Overwatch's First Experimental Mode is Benching a Tank For More Offense

Blizzard is experimenting with a little more damage.

Overwatch League's Global Ambitions Take Another Hit Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Now the league's Chinese and Korean games need rescheduling.

Novel Coronavirus Concerns on the Rise in Gaming

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | From high-profile event absences to hardware production concerns, the epidemic's impact on gaming is growing.

Overwatch's Balance Will Start Changing a Lot More Often This Year

The Overwatch team is taking a firmer grip of the wheel with some new modes.

USG's Top 100 Games of the Decade: #100-51

The 100 best games of the 2010s, as determined by us.

Overwatch League Cancels Matches for Two Months in China

Other esports events have recently been postponed in the country.

Activision Blizzard Moves Away From Twitch, Partners With YouTube Gaming

The Overwatch League and more will stream exclusively with Google.

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan Explains Why Hero Bans Are Not a "Silver Bullet"

"We agree on the problems. That's the important thing."

A UK Charity is the Latest Group to Join the Call for Loot Box Regulation

Pressure is mounting for government regulation of loot boxes.

Jeff Kaplan Reveals What Convinced Blizzard to Go With Cross-Compatibility for Overwatch 2

Kaplan says not letting Overwatch "die on the vine" took some convincing.

BlizzCon 2019 is Blizzard's Most Crucial Show in Years

The wayward company has a chance to set its tone for the future, for better or worse.

New Overwatch 2 Art Leaks on Blizzard's Website

We may have just learned who Overwatch's next hero is and what WoW's next expansion is called.

Overwatch 2 is Set to Premiere at BlizzCon 2019 - Report

It'll have hero talents and an actual story.

Blizzard's Overwatch Team Says the Nintendo Switch Port Has Been "Eye-Opening"

Bringing the hero shooter to Switch took more than just a visual overhaul.

Blizzard Cancels Overwatch Switch Launch Event Amid Ongoing Public Backlash

The Nintendo New York event has been abruptly cancelled.

Starting Screen | Blizzard's Troubled 2019 Finds the Once Invincible Studio at a Crossroads

This past year has found Blizzard embroiled in one controversy after another. What does it say about its future?

Overwatch's Mei Becomes Symbol of Protest Following Hearthstone Player's Suspension

Supporters are making fan art of Mei supporting the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Overwatch on Switch Takes a Page From Metroid Prime 3 With New Control Scheme

Motion controls are back in fashion.

Overwatch's Bastion Gets an Adorable Lego Skin for New Event

Just be careful you don't step on him.

A UK Ministry Just Recommended Heavy Loot Box Regulation. Here's Why This Matters

It's another step in an ongoing escalation of regulatory involvement in games.

Overwatch on the Switch Targets 30 FPS in Docked and Handheld Modes

Blizzard is also "excited" about cross-play, but you shouldn't expect it any time soon.

Nintendo Direct Recap: A Deluge of Ports From September 2019 Onward

From Overwatch to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, here's a recap of all the announcements.

Overwatch is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Next Month

The rumors were true, and the cavalry's here.

Overwatch Could be Coming to Nintendo Switch, If This Suspicious Amazon Listing is Anything to Go By

The living, fleeting embodiment of the :eyes: emoji.

"There is a Benefit for Lying [About Loot Boxes]"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | The industry, academics, and watchdogs weigh in on the loot box debate for the FTC in a week full of big issues.

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Other Game Companies Unite Around the Issue of Loot Box Odds

Several publishers are set to disclose odds by 2020 at the latest.

Overwatch's New Hero Sigma Can Bend Gravity, And His Toes

In the battles of Overwatch, he's a real footsoldier.

Sigma, Overwatch's Newest Hero, is a Gravity-Bending Mad Scientist

I guess one mad scientist was not enough for Talon.

Another Blizzard Co-Founder Is Leaving After Almost 30 Years With The Company

Only one of the original co-founders is left now.

Meet the Creators Behind Awesome Overwatch Workshop Creations Like “Last Man Bouncing”

For some, the Workshop is "one of the best things to happen to Overwatch."

Video Game Characters Keep Popping Up In Porn Ads, And Publishers Might Not Be Able To Stop It

We spoke with a lawyer, and more, about the shady world of porn ads and copyright law.

Former Blizzard Co-Founder Discusses Some of Blizzard's Biggest Failings, Hints at a Comeback

Mike Morhaime is now free to talk about his time at Blizzard.

Starting Screen | Want Your Multiplayer Game to Succeed? Summer Could be the Key

Fortnite, Rocket League, and Overwatch have all found success by owning the summer. Is Dauntless next? Or will Apex Legends make a comeback?

From Candy Crush to Hearthstone: How the Loot Box Bill Could Affect Some of the Industry's Biggest Games

The bill defines microtransactions and loot boxes, but questions remain.

Replays Are Finally Coming To Overwatch's Public Test Realm

Time to watch my lowlights in slo-mo.

The Loot Box Bill is Public, And The ESA Says It's "Flawed And Riddled With Inaccuracies"

The newly introduced bill could end up affecting more than just loot boxes.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Event Start Date, All New and Returning Skins

The Overwatch Anniversary Event returns for 2019, bringing with it a ton of new character skins, emotes, sprays, and more.

BlizzCon Dates Revealed With Three Pricey Ticket Options

The convention is expanding this year, and so are some ticket prices.

Overwatch Storm Rising Launch Times, New Skins, Maximilien PvE - Everything we Know About Overwatch Archives 2019

Overwatch Archives returns in 2019 with the Storm Rising event. Here's the release times, new skins, and everything else you need to know.

The 10 Best Cosplays We Saw at PAX East 2019

Welcome to PAX East. Normal clothing is entirely optional.

Overwatch's New Hero Baptiste Is Coming to All Platforms Next Week

The new support hero is leaving the PTR.

Overwatch's Newest Hero is Live on PTR. Here's What You Need to Know About Baptiste

Baptiste's abilities and ultimate explained.

Overwatch Announces Baptiste, the Ex-Talon Combat Medic

Baptiste will either hurt you or help you, but not both.

Recapping a Brutal Day at Activision Blizzard: 800 Layoffs While Activision Touts Record Financial Results

Activision Blizzard announces record profits, then promptly lays off 800 employees.

No Major Video Game Releases From Blizzard in 2019

Efforts will be going into stabilizing existing franchises.

Report: Activision Plans to Layoff Hundreds of Employees as Early as Next Week

Dramatic job losses after a difficult year.

Apex Legends Isn't Afraid to Borrow Like Crazy From Overwatch

Apex Legends is technically in the Titanfall universe, but its gameplay borrows much more from Blizzard.

Overwatch Year of the Pig Start Date - All New Legendary Skins - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the new Lunar New Year 2019 event for Overwatch, celebrating the Year of the Pig.

Overwatch Year of the Pig Lunar New Year Event Start Date Revealed

The pig symbolizes a love of life and entertainment.

It's Quite Easy to Unlock Ana's Bastet Skin in Overwatch

Win some games, earn a skin.

A Timeline of the Wild Ellie Imposter Fiasco That Has Overtaken Overwatch

A false identity splits the Overwatch esports scene.

Overwatch Appears to Have Dumbledore'd Soldier: 76

Blizzard reveals another important bit of backstory outside of the game.

Blizzard Reportedly Cutting Costs as Activision's Influence on Company Grows

How will this change the company?

Overwatch Winter Wonderland - Launch Times, New Legendary Skins - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the return of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event for 2018, including a start date, and new legendary skins.

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Event Returns Next Week

'tis the holiday season.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Giveaway: How to Enter and Win a Free Copy for PC

We're giving away 70 copies of the acclaimed hero shooter for PC. Here's how to enter and win!

Blizzard Apologizes for Blackface on South Korean Overwatch Stream

"What happened on the official Korean stream was inappropriate."

Overwatch's Momentum Slowed in 2018

Blizzard revenue drives Activision even as franchises slow.

Forget Ashe, Bob is Available Now on the Overwatch PTR

Overwatch's newest hero is live on the Overwatch PTR.

Watch BlizzCon 2018's Opening Ceremony and Big Announcements Here

Diablo 4? New Overwatch hero? A deeper look inside World of Warcraft Classic? Watch all the possible news as it unfolds here.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 (Update: Event has Ended), Legendary Halloween Skins, Junkenstein's Revenge, Halloween Terror End Date - Everything We Know

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back. We've got all the new Legendary skins and info on when the event will end.

The First Overwatch Lego Set Spotlights Bastion

It's a Blizzard store exclusive too.

Overwatch's In-Game Lucio-Oh's Cereal May Soon Be a Reality

Now you can really have some Lucio-Oh's.

Blizzard Co-Founder Mike Morhaime Steps Down as President

World of Warcraft executive producer steps into the role.

Blizzard Shares First Look at Upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets

Soon you can build your own payload, probably.

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Available Now, Comes With Legendary Overwatch Skin Based on Diablo 3

Gain access to two months of original video content.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018 - (Update: Event has Ended) All Summer Games 2018 Legendary Skins, Lucio Ball - Everything We Know

The Summer Games are back for Overwatch in August 2018, and Lucio Ball is making a return.

Overwatch Busan Map Now on PTR and New D.Va Animated Short is Live

The new map features three separate locations which teams must fight for control of.

Reaper Will Be Just As Much of an Edge Lord in LEGO Overwatch Form

Overwatch's LEGO sets are coming soon, and if you step on Reaper, he'll laugh at your pain.

Overwatch on the Switch is "Feasible," Diablo 3 Producer Says

Whether it's coming over is another matter.

Blizzard Calls D.Va's Bluff, Nerfs Her Gun... Literally

Official D.Va Nerf gun toy coming in 2019.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Event Begins Next Week

Two years later, the Summer Games from Rio live on.

The Evolution of Symmetra, Overwatch's Most Changed and Divisive Character

You either love her or you hate her.

Free Overwatch Loot Boxes Available for Twitch Prime Members: Here's How

A bonus Overwatch reward for Twitch Prime members.

Blizzard to Nerf Overwatch's Mercy and Buff Ana

Please leave our nice medic alone.

Overwatch League is Coming to ESPN and ABC in Multi-Year Deal

Blizzard Entertainment and Disney are teaming up to bring Overwatch League to a bigger audience.

Pink Mercy Skin Raises $12.7 Million for Charity

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation benefits from your love of Overwatch skins.

Overwatch's Hammond Dying is the Saddest Gaming Moment of 2018

See what happens when Overwatch's new Wrecking Ball Hero falls to his death.

Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Hero: Hammond, a Hamster in a Ball

Hammond offers something a little unique and he's really, really cute.

Overwatch Possibly Teasing a New, Rolling Hero

At least, that's what I think it is.

Overwatch Patch 1.25 Adds in the Ability to Rate Your Teammates

A new developer update video reveals a new role, private profiles and more.

Blizzard Talks Repeat Events, PvE, and More in the Battle to Keep Overwatch Fresh in Year 3

Overwatch will have to address some big issues in Year 3.

Blizzard Talks Overwatch 2 and the Chances of Overwatch Coming to Switch

Don't get your hopes up for either.

The 15 Best Overwatch Skins

After two years of Overwatch, we figured it was about time to rank the game's best skins.

Overwatch LEGO is Coming

Just when you thought you'd bought all the Overwatch tat you ever needed. Can't wait to get that Brickitte set.

Rialto Map Is Now Available in the Overwatch PTR

Get a feel for Rialto's charming streets before they fill with blood.

Overwatch Surprises With 6v6 Competitive Elimination Season

Blizzard discreetly adds a competitive season to a fan-favorite Arcade mode.

The USgamer Podcast on the Radical Heights of Overwatch: Retribution

PODCAST | Another battle royale game joins the ring, a new Mega Man X collection is happening, and more on this week's episode of The USgamer Podcast.

Overwatch Retribution Event Is Now Live, See the New Skins Here

A new PvE mode, another map, and lots more goodies join Blizzard's popular shooter for the new Archives event.

Overwatch Retribution Fills in the Gaps in the Game's Lore

The origins of Reaper are imminent.

BlizzCon 2018 Dates Announced, Here's When Tickets Go On Sale

Southern California gets its annual Blizzard

Blizzard Teases Overwatch "Retribution" Alongside the Return of Uprising

Live, die, repeat Tracer's first mission.

Overwatch League Player xQc Released from Dallas Fuel After Repeat Suspensions

The controversial player is cutting ties with the Texas Overwatch team.

Brigitte Gets new Skins on Overwatch PTR

Brigitte gets new duds to help her serve and protect.

What Will the Next Generation of Game Consoles Look Like?

THE USGAMER PODCAST | Previewing the next generation, talking about Overwatch's new hero, and more.

Brigitte is the Newest Overwatch Hero, Live on PTR Now

We have Overwatch Hero 27.

Actually, Overwatch Would Make For a Rad Fighting Game

What would the meta look like for this?

Play Overwatch for Free This Weekend on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Another free Overwatch weekend descends.

Overwatch's Lunar New Year Legendary Skins This Year are Badass

Year of the dog is a pretty good year for skins.

Overwatch Allows Players to Switch Skins Pre-Match as Lunar New Year Goes Live

A long-awaited feature is dropped into Overwatch without any fanfare.

Overwatch Player Geguri Set to Join the Shanghai Dragons Overwatch League Team [Update]

[Update: It looks like she might be joining the Overwatch League as its first female pro-player.]

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Includes Six Legendary Skins, and New Thailand Map

Capture the flag has also been revamped.

Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event Returns for the Year of the Dog

Mark your calendars for February 8.

Blizzard is Using YouTube to Find Toxic Overwatch Players

Toxicity is public enemy number one for Blizzard's Overwatch team.

The Joys of Watching Friends Play Games

From Bloodborne to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, sometimes video games are better spent watching a loved one play than playing yourself.

D.Va Gets a Black Cat Skin for Tomorrow's Overwatch Cosmetic Update

Beware the bad cat bearing a grudge, especially if she's armed.

Shiny New Pharah Skin Revealed For Overwatch's Upcoming Cosmetic Update

Ahead of Blizzard World's launch next week, Overwatch is rolling out teasers of the other new content joining the game as well.

Overwatch Teases Adorable New Hero Sprays

The upcoming cosmetic update will feature these cute little guys.

Blizzard World Map Opens in Overwatch on January 23

The next Overwatch is incoming!

Overwatch League - New Skins, Stage 1 Week 2 Dates and Times, Results, How to Watch, Teams, Structure - Everything we Know

The Overwatch League kicks off properly on January 10. We've got all the info you need, including where to watch Stage 1 Week 2, what teams are taking part, prize money, skins, and more.

Where and When to Watch This Week's Debut of The Overwatch League

Matches kick off the evening of January 10, streaming on Twitch.

Overwatch League-Themed Skins Are Now Available in Overwatch for Every Hero

Rep your favorite OWL team just in time for the big debut season.

Overwatch Players Are Split on the Most Recent Mercy Nerf

Mercy is subject to yet another nerf in the PTR, and players are divided.

Overwatch - How to Play Widowmaker

From across the battlefield, Widowmaker will punish the weak. Learn how to use this sniper.

Overwatch - How to Play Hanzo

The year of the bow will never end with Hanzo in your corner. Learn how to use this hard Defense hero.

Overwatch - How to Play Winston

This intelligent ape will get behind enemy lines and make a monkey out of you.

Overwatch - How to Play Mei

Overwatch's ice queen will freeze you in your tracks. Learn how to defend with Mei.

Overwatch - How to Play Zarya

Zarya is Overwatch's off-Tank, bringing great damage to the team under the right circumstances.

Overwatch - How to Play Genji

Regain your lost humanity as the cyber ninja Genji. He's a hard hero to master, so here's some help!

Overwatch - How to Play Zenyatta

This robotic monk straddles the line between damage and healing, making him a great backline Support.

Overwatch - How to Play Reinhardt

Overwatch's main tank steps out into the battlefield. Here's the best strategies for Reinhardt.

Overwatch - How to Play Bastion

This robot is one of Overwatch's most loved and hated heroes. Learn how to play him here.

Overwatch Hero Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Which Hero You Should Be Playing

Overwatch is here and we've got the strategies that will make you a winner with every hero.

Overwatch - How to Play McCree

It's high noon and McCree has some bodies to put in the ground. Get the lowdown on this cowboy.

Overwatch - How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast

Level up fast to earn more loot boxes.

Overwatch - How to Play Pharah

Rain death from above with these great tips for Pharah.

Overwatch - How to Play Reaper

Drag your enemies to hell with Reaper's powerful shotguns.

Overwatch Beginner's Tips & Tricks: 8 Things You Need to Know Before You Play

If you're just starting out in Overwatch, these are a few of the things you need to know.

Overwatch - How to Play Mercy

Overwatch main healer is an angel from above. Learn how to heal properly with Mercy.

Overwatch - How to Play Roadhog

This Tank hero is all about being in your face. Learn how to master Roadhog.

Overwatch - How to Play D.Va

This gamer wields a powerful mech suit that can take some punishment. Here's great strategies for D.Va.

Overwatch - How to Play Soldier 76

Learn how to answer the call of duty with this basic Offense hero.

Overwatch - How to Play Junkrat

Lob grenades into enemy ranks and cause mayhem with Junkrat!

Overwatch - How to Play Symmetra

Here's some great strategies for controlling the battlefield with Symmetra

Doomfist Guide - How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch, Doomfist Legendary Skins, Is Doomfist OP?

The fabled Doomfist is finally here, and all our Overwatch heroes will have a tough time getting to grips with him.

Overwatch - How to Play Torbjorn

Drop turrets, kill enemies. Learn how to best use Torbjorn.

Overwatch Team Deathmatch Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win, Best Character Strategies

Team Deathmatch is now live on Overwatch for all! Here's a guide on how not to die in the brand new, hectic mode.

Overwatch - How to Play Tracer

Let's leap in the fight, luv! Learn how to use the time-twisting abilities of Tracer.

Overwatch - How to Play Lucio

Pump up the jams with with mobile frontline Support healer!

Blizzard is Hiring a Vehicle Software Engineer for an Unannounced First-Person Game

Blizzard is looking to work with vehicles for its new project.

Physics Tweaks Coming to Overwatch's PTR Servers

You will believe a gorilla can fly.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Legendary Skins Revealed

Junkrat is ready for the "winter"

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Returns Soon With a Scary Mei Versus Winston Mode

New skins, new arcade modes, new holiday cheer.

Overwatch Introduces a Whole New Currency Just for League Skins

A separate currency will help ensure the proper proceeds go to the teams.

"It's Awkward Right Now:" What Some in the Games Industry Think of the Rise of the Loot Box in 2017

2017 was the year we opened Pandora's loot box. Here's what some in the games industry are thinking.

Belgium Concludes that Loot Boxes are Gambling, Will Try and Ban Them in Europe

Belgium's Gaming Commission has reached a conclusion on loot boxes.

Blizzard is Hosting Another Free Weekend for Overwatch [Update]

Play the game for free, then get it for cheap on Black Friday.

Overwatch's New Hero Moira Is Live on Servers Now

Gets me to the payload on time.

Overwatch Devs Discuss Moira, Blizzard World, and Which Overwatch Heroes Play WarCraft

BlizzCon 2017 Interview: We sit down with lead writer Michael Chu and technical artist Hak Lee to talk about Overwatch's new hero and map.

New Overwatch Hero Moira Made a Cameo in Doomfist's Comic Months Ago

The shadowy figure has been here all along.

Overwatch Will Release Special Skins Not Tied to Events [Update]

Blizzard also revealed special Blizzard-themed skins to celebrate the new BlizzardWorld map.

Reinhardt's Basically Thor in the Newest Overwatch Animated Short

Dude looks straight up like Chris Hemsworth.

Overwatch Is Getting a New Blizzard-Themed Map, Plus a New Support Hero

Overwatch news galore at BlizzCon 2017.

New Overwatch Comic Highlights Mercy as the True Villain

Witch Mercy is the real big bad of Overwatch's Halloween universe.

You Can Now Pre-Order a Genji from Overwatch Figma Figure

Pre-orders open until November 15th.

Inside the Launch of Blizzard's Ambitious New Overwatch League

We visited Blizzard's new esports arena and talked to Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer about Blizzard's plan to build a "forever sport".

The Harsh History Of Gaming Microtransactions: From Horse Armor to Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes are currently the most debated topic in gaming, but we've had over a decade of in-game money grabbing.

Blizzard Wants Intern For New Project With Knowledge of Overwatch

Is it a new Overwatch title, or something else?

Overwatch PTR Nerfs Mercy Not Long After Her Big Character Update

Please stop praying for Mercy, she's too strong.

Genji Joins Tracer as the Next Overwatch Figma

I require healing.

Overwatch's Halloween Event Returns This October With Even More Spooky Loot

Overwatch celebrates Halloween once again this year.

PSA: Overwatch is Free on all Consoles This Weekend

Now's a good a time as any.

Games as Services Are Changing the Way We Interact With Video Games

Turns out the Netflix for video games is just video games.

Square Enix: "Gone are the Days in Which Single-player Games Were of Primary Status"

Square Enix will focus on games as services.

The Overwatch League Signs Three More US Teams, Official League Games Start in January

The Overwatch League is all but ready for a 2018 launch.

Overwatch's New Patch Silences Xbox One Players With Bad Reputations

Xbox One players with bad reputations will now be muted in the in-game voice chat. Also, Junkertown joins the official map rotation, along with Mercy and D.Va's hero-altering changes.

Pick up Overwatch for Half Price This Week

Talk about a Payload.

No More New Content for Battleborn

It was a matter of time.

Toxic Players Are Slowing Down Overwatch's Development

Blizzard says a lot of time and resources are being used on players who don't want to control themselves.

Blizzard Announces the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles for Major Esports Competitions

The Blizzard Arena LA will host the Overwatch League later this year.

Everyone is Thirsty for Overwatch's Junkertown Queen

You could be the king, but watch the Queen conquer.

Overwatch Adds Deathmatch, Junkertown, and a Reporting System in Today's Updates

Big new updates to both Overwatch and the PTR today.

Blizzard Adds References to Mei's Animated Short on Ecopoint: Antarctica Map

Nothin' like the coffee mugs of dead colleagues for a dose of environmental storytelling!

Overwatch's Heroes Change Like the Seasons, and That's A-Okay

Overwatch's character overhauls (like with D.Va and Mercy) have a lot in common with MOBAs.

Here are All the Changes for Overwatch's Sixth Competitive Season

Better matchmaking, better rankings, and less punishment for decay.

New D.Va Changes in Overwatch Weakens Her Defense Matrix but Gives Her Missiles

D.Va is set for some big changes in the next Overatch PTR.

Overwatch Lucio Ball Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win

Lucio fans rejoice, for the Lucio Ball event has returned to us in the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event.

Screw the Payload! Overwatch Has a Deathmatch Mode Now

Play the new Deathmatch mode in the Overwatch PTR right now.

Overwatch How to Earn Loot Boxes Guide - Emotes, Sprays, Legendary Skins

Run n gun, loot n shoot. How to earn loot boxes and get skins in Overwatch.

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Issues Leave Players Trapped In Queues or Worse

It's patch day, but things aren't necessarily smooth sailing.

Overwatch Summer Games are Live and Have the Best Skins

Dad76 has a BBQ grill! This is not a drill!

USgamer Community Question: What Multiplayer Game are You Best At?

USgamer's Friday Community Question is back, baby! This week: What multiplayer game is your bread and butter?

Doomfist is Finally Live, and There's a New Trailer to Celebrate

After a month, Doomfist is now available for everyone.

USgamer Lunch Hour: Overwatch Frees Doomfist [Youtubed!]

Let's see how Overwatch's latest character feels in the competitive meta.

Do You Want to be a Pro Overwatch Player? Here's How Much You Could Make

Full salary and benefits for League players.

The Most Pop Games

These games are bright, bubbly, and totally get stuck in your head, just like pop music.

Overwatch's Newest Webcomic Puts the Spotlight on Doomfist and the Evil Organization of Talon

The webcomic teases new locales and unfamiliar characters as well.

Doomfist is a Love Letter to the Fighting Game Genre, Comes Out on Overwatch Next Week

A new behind-the-scenes video dives deep into Doomfist's design.

Blizzard Fixes a Factually Incorrect Name for One of Doomfist's Skins

Cheetahs can't outrun the laws of wild cat spots.

Overwatch Fan's Church of Hanzo is Actually Protest Art

It's about the government, man.

Doomfist's First Legendary Skins are Live on the Overwatch PTR

The skins and other drops are finally live.

The Overwatch League Finds Its First Seven Teams and Owners, Including Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

Seven teams kick off Blizzard's attempt to make eSports operate like live sports.

Overwatch Fans are Debating Doomfist's Philosophy About Conflict

It's getting pretty heated in the Overwatch forums.

Report: Blizzard Signs Six Overwatch League Esports Teams

Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Seoul will field Overwatch teams.

USgamer Streams Overwatch's Doomfist [YouTubed!]

Mike tackles the fist of doom in this stream... of doom.

No, Doomfist Didn't Murder Tracer

Real touch-and-go moment for the time-traveling fave.

Nothing Propels Fans Into Chaos Like the Word 'Doomfist' in an Overwatch PTR Crash Log

The Summer Games Event is likely returning too, though that was already noted.

Overwatch Adds Better Highlight Functions and Offers Less Duplicate Loot in New Update

Take better video clips, get less duplicate items. Win-win.

Float Around in Zero Gravity When Overwatch's New Map Launches Today

Plus, some Heroes of the Storm-barred skins join lootboxes.

This is What Overwatch Looks Like as a JRPG

Our shonen hero, McCree

Overwatch Anniversary Event - (Update: Ending Today!) Double XP Weekend, New Legendary Skins, Emotes - Everything We Know

The Overwatch Anniversary Event kicks off on May 23, acting as a celebration of the game having been released a year before in 2016.

Cancel Your Plans, Overwatch Is Offering Double XP This Weekend

It's not like E3 starts on Saturday this year or anything.

These Unique Overwatch-Themed Controllers Are Adorable

But good luck getting your hands on one.

Overwatch Changes Have Roadhog Players Feeling The Nerf

RIP Roadhog forever and ever.

Overwatch's New Map is a Gorgeous, Grim Space Colony You Can Play Right Now

More like "Moon of the Apes" am I right?

Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Content With Mysterious Space Transmission

The gorillas are on the loose... in space!

Far Cry 5 Sets the Heartland Aflame, Magikarp Uses "Jump," and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

ENDING CREDITS | Taking a look a back at this week's headlines and everything else you might have missed on USgamer.

Statistically Speaking, the Overwatch Anniversary Event is Bad for Loot Boxes [Update]

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan weighs in on the Loot Box controversy.

Blizzard's New Mobile Game Could Be Based on WarCraft

Another WarCraft spin-off on mobile?

Overwatch's Principal Designer Calls the Uprising Event the Biggest Success of Year 1

INTERVIEW | Plus the evolution of competitive, Tracer coming out of the closet, and other thoughts on Overwatch's one-year anniversary.

Wait, the Overwatch Anniversary Skins Have a Theme?

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan weighs in.

Overwatch Players are Hosting Custom Dance Parties

King's Row funk you up.

One Year Later, and Overwatch Is All About Being the Most Fashionable

The art of shooting things has fallen to the wayside.

It's Ridiculous Blizzard Still Doesn't Offer Cross-Platform Overwatch Accounts

A year later and my Overwatch skins are marooned on consoles.

USgamer Celebrates Overwatch's Anniversary With a Stream (5pm ET/2pm PT)

Today, we show you how bad we are at Overwatch. Enjoy it.

Overwatch Anniversary Event Drops A Ton of Legendary Skins

But also everyone has a dance emote.

Don't Worry, Overwatch Will Have A "Season 2" of Animated Shorts

Here's to hoping D.Va and Lucio are finally given some spotlight.

Overwatch Shows Off a Bunch of New Anniversary Loot

Sombra's got some dance moves.

Overwatch Teases Three New "Arena" Maps for the Anniversary Event

Three new maps that will expand existing Overwatch levels.

Canceled Overwatch Graphic Novel Would Have Limited Game

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan explains the reasoning behind First Strike's cancellation.

New Overwatch Video Explains 'Goth Reaper', Why All Ships are "Canon"

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan answers some of the biggest questions in the game.

Overwatch Anniversary Event Begins Next Week

Overwatch celebrates its one year anniversary.

Overwatch Art Book and Comics Anthology Available for Pre-Order

Relish in the art of Blizzard's almost-one-year-old shooter.

Overwatch Anniversary Event Potentially Leaked

Dataminers have uncovered a trove of information regarding a potential Overwatch anniversary event.

Is Blizzard's Esports Ambitions Scaring Away eSports Teams?

New reports highlight ongoing negotiations with Overwatch's esports division.

Blizzard Forms New Overwatch-Specific Esports Division

Blizzard's pouring even more resources into their golden child, Overwatch.

Blizzard Reveals Overwatch's Loot Drop Rates... in China

Too bad about 90 percent of 'em are duplicates though.

Overwatch's Zarya Finally Gets A Great Skin, And It's Not in Overwatch

Heroes of the Storm adds Genji to the cast and gives Zarya a Genji makeover.

Nintendo Direct News, No NES Classic Edition for You, and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

ENDING CREDITS | Taking a look a back at this week's headlines and everything else you might have missed on USgamer.

Overwatch on Xbox One and PS4 Getting More Control Options

If you're like more aiming choices on console Overwatch, Blizzard has you covered.

Overwatch Uprising's PvE Mode Brings Story to the Forefront

Overwatch, a game with lore scattered everywhere but the game itself, finally brings its story home.

Wow, These New Overwatch Skins Are Boring

Who looks at Overwatch and says, "Let's make this gaggle of heroes look like generic video game protagonists?" No one.

Leaked Overwatch Trailer Highlights Heroes' Original Looks

The next Overwatch event goes live tomorrow and a leaked trailer shows off the new skins.

Overwatch Comic Hints At Old-School Skins For Upcoming Event

The Overwatch: Uprising motion comic points to new skins for Genji, Tracer, Torbjorn, and more.

Overwatch's Next Event Will Be Based in Game Lore, Not the Real World

The event coming April 11 will have new skins and more for King's Row Uprising.

Overwatch's Next Hero Is "Very Far Along in Development"

Overwatch game director admits that perhaps the team might slow down on hero development.

How Will Orisa Affect Overwatch's Competitive Meta?

With Orisa nearing her official release across all platforms, we stop to wonder, what does this mean for Overwatch's current Reinhardt-essential meta?

Orisa Will Be Out in Overwatch Next Week

Blizzard confirms release date for their newest character.

Overwatch's Orisa "Will Go Live Later This Month" After More Testing

Blizzard Entertainment has to give Overwatch's latest tank a few more tweaks before setting her live.

Move Over Reinhardt, There’s a New Protective Barrier-Wielding Tank in Town

Overwatch offers a new barrier tank to compete with Reinhardt's massive shield.

Overwatch Wins Game of the Year at the 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards

Pokemon GO, Inside, and No Man's Sky took home awards, too.

Did Blizzard Just Tease The Next Overwatch Hero?

Today Blizzard posted a mock interview with a mysterious new character, and we think it could be tied to the origins for a new hero.

Overwatch's Next Hero Might Not Be Doomfist

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan puts a long-running rumor to sleep.

What Makes the Bow the Ideal Video Game Weapon?

In less than two weeks, a new archery-savvy heroine will be playable on our screens with Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy. And it got us thinking, what are the best bows in video games?

Twitch Year-In-Review Names Overwatch As 2016's Most Watched New Game

Twitch offers its 2016 year-in-review.

Overwatch's Tracer Gets The Adorable Nendoroid Treatment

The first of many potential Overwatch Nendoroid and Figmas is announced.

Essential Weekend Reading: The Overwatch Keyboard Controversy, Nioh's High Difficulty

As we head into the weekend, we highlight the week's most important stories and features.

Overwatch Introduces Server Browser, As Capture The Flag Stays On

Blizzard Entertainment is letting Overwatch players create custom games.

Overwatch's Fight Against Alternative Input and The Folks Caught in The Middle

Blizzard wants Overwatch's competitive scene on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be fair, but fixing the issue may shut out gamers with disabilities.

WoW Gold Can Be Used for Overwatch and Hearthstone Items

Blizzard Entertainment opens up the WoW Token to other Battle.net titles.

Overwatch's Bastion Is Getting Some Buffs In the Near Future

The little omnic that could is getting beefed up in the future.

Overwatch Bug Causes Player Headaches Over Skinny Mei

The fan debate rages on over the true body type of Overwatch's Mei.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Is Live, Capture The Flag Joins The Celebration

You can get those shiny Year of the Rooster loot boxes right now!

Overwatch Year of the Rooster Trailer Shows Off Chinese-Inspired Skins and Capture the Flag

A leaked trailer highlights Capture The Flag and new skins for Mei, Junkrat, Mercy, Reinhardt, Winston, and more.

Overwatch's Next Event is the Year of the Rooster on Jan 24

Blizzard teases new skins inspired by the Chinese New Year.

Overwatch Kicks Off 2017 With a New Map: Oasis

Blizzard Entertainment previews the next Overwatch map, nestled in the Arabian Desert.

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Our Game of the Year

At last, we choose our favorite game of 2016!

USgamer Community Question: Was 2016 a Good Year for Games?

Did 2016 meet all your expectations for gaming goodness?

USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Visual Style

What were the best-looking games of 2016?

Our Favorites: Each USgamer Staff Member Picks Their 10 Best Games of the Year

We all voted on the best of 2016, but here are our personal favorites.

Blizzard on Overwatch 2017: We "Work on More Content Than We Release"

More seasonal events, more maps, and more heroes are coming to Overwatch next year.

Overwatch Comic Highlights Holiday Spirit; Oh, And Tracer is Gay

The latest Overwatch comic shows off a previously-unmentioned side of its flagship character.

2016 Successfully Used Familiar Faces to Introduce New Ideas

This past year taught us that it's possible to appeal to people's sense of nostalgia while teaching them new ways to play.

Overwatch Holiday Update Offers New Winter Wonderland Skins

Nutcracker Zenyatta, Santa Mei, and Reindeer Roadhog headline the new skins for Ovewatch's holiday update.

What Was the Best Multiplayer FPS Game of 2016?

2016 IN REVIEW: Every year seems to feature a bevy of quality FPS titles, but 2016 saw some exceptional releases.

Overwatch's Symmetra Revamped With Aggressive Defense Options

In today's Developer Update, game director Jeff Kaplan outlines a more aggressive Symmetra.

Blizzard Takes From the NFL, NBA, and MLB With Overwatch League

Overwatch is getting an entire professional eSports league and infrastructure.

Overwatch's Sombra Revealed at Blizzcon 2016

The stealthy attacker and Overwatch's worst kept secret has finally been revealed.

Overwatch and Starcraft Adaptations Possible, Based on Skylanders' Netflix Success

Skylanders: Academy on Netflix is apparently doing well and Activision Blizzard Studios is tentatively moving forward.

Overwatch Changing Skill Rating Again for Competitive Play Season 3

Players just got a new Skill Rating system, but Blizzard isn't satisfied with its digital sorting hat.

From Us to You! is Riding Into the Sunset (For Now)

PODCAST: Our flagship podcast is going on hiatus, but not before diving into Mafia 3, Overwatch Halloween costumes, and more!

Overwatch Adds Halloween Skins, Weapons, and Poses Today

If you're willing to hunt down the loot boxes, your favorite Overwatch characters can get in the Halloween spirit.

Blizzard Wants to Overhaul Overwatch's Symmetra

The least-used character in Blizzard's competitive shooter is due for some big changes in November.

Overwatch Competitive Season 2 is Live, Free Weekend Announced

Blizzard's team-based shooter gets a major update as Competitive Play Season 2 begins.

Overwatch's New Map Heads to Reinhardt's Homeland

The first new map for Overwatch has been revealed.

Overwatch Competitive Switching to Tiered Rankings for Season 2

Blizzard feels the Season 1 ranking system is a bit unclear for current players.

Overwatch Gets in the Olympic Spirit With Lucioball and New Costumes

Blizzard is celebrating the Summer Olympics with new additions to Overwatch.

Overwatch: Observations from a Support Character

Having healed through hundreds of games, Jaz offers his perspective on the good and not-so-good habits of Overwatch players.

Overwatch's Ana Walks a Careful Line Between Offense and Support

The newest Overwatch addition gives healers a chance to take more of an active role.

From Us to You! Gets Swept Up in the Pokémon Go Mania

PODCAST: Like everyone else, we love Pokémon Go. Plus: Kat recounts her trip to Japan, and we talk about Overwatch's new character.

Overwatch's New Support Sniper is Ana, Not Sombra

Blizzard reveals the next character in the Overwatch roster.

Overwatch Devs Tease Rumored Healing Sniper, Sombra

A tease points to the rumored Sombra being the next new character in Overwatch.

The Waiting Game: Just How Dead IS Umbrella Corps?

Check out how Umbrella Corps' empty lobbies stack up against other multiplayer games, new and old.

USgamer Power Poll: Here are the Games You've All Been Enjoying Most in June

One big game continues to get traction with the USG community, but there are a few surprises as well. Plus: The staff also shares what they're playing.

Overwatch and Hearthstone Getting Built-In Facebook Live Streaming

Blizzard and Facebook team up to bring Facebook integration to Blizzard titles.

Overwatch: Loot Boxes, Skins, and Sheer Luck

Everyone wants Overwatch skins, but luck is the only way you're getting them.

Overwatch Hits 7 Million Players as Blizzard Rebounds From Project Titan

Blizzard's team-based shooter kicks off with a successful launch.

Overwatch Review: Cheers, Love. The Cavalry's Here

We dig into Blizzard's first foray into the first-person shooter genre.

Overwatch: Fixing Play of the Game is "Really Hard"

A Blizzard dev admits it's hard teaching a computer to find the most awesome play of a match.

When Less is More: Why Overwatch is Succeeding Where Battlefront and Battleborn Failed

When a strong identity trumps the quest for more content.

Stream: Mike, Bob, and Kat Team Up in Overwatch

Watch at 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET as three of our editors spend some quality time with Blizzard's new shooter.

From WarCraft Adventures to Overwatch: Why Blizzard's Willingness to Fail is Still Their Greatest Strength

A willingness to endure short-term pain has allowed Blizzard to turn many of their biggest failures into great successes.

Overwatch: Bringing Blizzard's New Shooter to Consoles

The evolution to Overwatch brought the game to consoles. Blizzard talks about some of the design decisions behind the console versions.

From Us to You! Explores Civilization VI, Overwatch, and the Death of Disney Infinity

PODCAST: The USgamer crew returns to explore the news from this past week.

Overwatch Post-Open Beta Roundtable: Is Blizzard's Vaunted Shooter Living Up to the Hype?

Kat, Mike, and Bob weigh in on Blizzard's shooter in the wake of the recent open beta.

Overwatch, Lawbreakers, and Atlas Reactor Lead Shift Away From Free-to-Play

After focusing on free-to-play for so long, developers of competitive titles are starting to see paid titles as an option again.

Overwatch Disables Competitive Play Mode for Open Beta

Blizzard is reworking the game mode based on previous feedback.

Overwatch: Tracer Pose Removed Due To Fan Feedback, More Feedback Ensues [Update]

Blizzard removes a pose from Overwatch and causes another internet firestorm.

Which Game Will be the Next Great eSport? Assessing the Contenders

COVER STORY: From Call of Duty to Smite, Kat takes stock of the games vying to become the next great eSport.

Overwatch's Future Heroes and Maps Will Remain Free

Blizzard isn't selling additional heroes or maps for Overwatch, even though we've been conditioned to expect them.

Overwatch Isn't Free-To-Play, Coming to Xbox One and PS4

You can buy Overwatch on Battle.net right now. No, it probably doesn't give you beta access.

Kat and Mike Answer Five Questions About Overwatch, Blizzard's Surprising Shooter

After a weekend of Overwatch, Kat and Mike share their favorite characters, their thoughts on the shooting mechanics, and more.

Overwatch Beta Coming October 27

Players will finally get to play Blizzard's shooter in the best environment ever: Their homes.

Blizzard Announces Overwatch: Project Titan Becomes Blizzard's Team Fortress 2

Blizzard surprises with team-based multiplayer shooter.