Overwatch Guides

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Event Start Date, All New and Returning Skins

The Overwatch Anniversary Event returns for 2019, bringing with it a ton of new character skins, emotes, sprays, and more.

Overwatch Storm Rising Launch Times, New Skins, Maximilien PvE - Everything we Know About Overwatch Archives 2019

Overwatch Archives returns in 2019 with the Storm Rising event. Here's the release times, new skins, and everything else you need to know.

Overwatch Year of the Pig Start Date - All New Legendary Skins - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the new Lunar New Year 2019 event for Overwatch, celebrating the Year of the Pig.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland - Launch Times, New Legendary Skins - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the return of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event for 2018, including a start date, and new legendary skins.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 (Update: Event has Ended), Legendary Halloween Skins, Junkenstein's Revenge, Halloween Terror End Date - Everything We Know

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back. We've got all the new Legendary skins and info on when the event will end.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018 - (Update: Event has Ended) All Summer Games 2018 Legendary Skins, Lucio Ball - Everything We Know

The Summer Games are back for Overwatch in August 2018, and Lucio Ball is making a return.

Overwatch League - New Skins, Stage 1 Week 2 Dates and Times, Results, How to Watch, Teams, Structure - Everything we Know

The Overwatch League kicks off properly on January 10. We've got all the info you need, including where to watch Stage 1 Week 2, what teams are taking part, prize money, skins, and more.

Overwatch - How to Play Widowmaker

From across the battlefield, Widowmaker will punish the weak. Learn how to use this sniper.

Overwatch - How to Play Hanzo

The year of the bow will never end with Hanzo in your corner. Learn how to use this hard Defense hero.

Overwatch - How to Play Winston

This intelligent ape will get behind enemy lines and make a monkey out of you.

Overwatch - How to Play Mei

Overwatch's ice queen will freeze you in your tracks. Learn how to defend with Mei.

Overwatch - How to Play Zarya

Zarya is Overwatch's off-Tank, bringing great damage to the team under the right circumstances.

Overwatch - How to Play Genji

Regain your lost humanity as the cyber ninja Genji. He's a hard hero to master, so here's some help!

Overwatch - How to Play Zenyatta

This robotic monk straddles the line between damage and healing, making him a great backline Support.

Overwatch - How to Play Reinhardt

Overwatch's main tank steps out into the battlefield. Here's the best strategies for Reinhardt.

Overwatch - How to Play Bastion

This robot is one of Overwatch's most loved and hated heroes. Learn how to play him here.

Overwatch Hero Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Which Hero You Should Be Playing

Overwatch is here and we've got the strategies that will make you a winner with every hero.

Overwatch - How to Play McCree

It's high noon and McCree has some bodies to put in the ground. Get the lowdown on this cowboy.

Overwatch - How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast

Level up fast to earn more loot boxes.

Overwatch - How to Play Pharah

Rain death from above with these great tips for Pharah.

Overwatch - How to Play Reaper

Drag your enemies to hell with Reaper's powerful shotguns.

Overwatch Beginner's Tips & Tricks: 8 Things You Need to Know Before You Play

If you're just starting out in Overwatch, these are a few of the things you need to know.

Overwatch - How to Play Mercy

Overwatch main healer is an angel from above. Learn how to heal properly with Mercy.

Overwatch - How to Play Roadhog

This Tank hero is all about being in your face. Learn how to master Roadhog.

Overwatch - How to Play D.Va

This gamer wields a powerful mech suit that can take some punishment. Here's great strategies for D.Va.

Overwatch - How to Play Soldier 76

Learn how to answer the call of duty with this basic Offense hero.

Overwatch - How to Play Junkrat

Lob grenades into enemy ranks and cause mayhem with Junkrat!

Overwatch - How to Play Symmetra

Here's some great strategies for controlling the battlefield with Symmetra

Doomfist Guide - How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch, Doomfist Legendary Skins, Is Doomfist OP?

The fabled Doomfist is finally here, and all our Overwatch heroes will have a tough time getting to grips with him.

Overwatch - How to Play Torbjorn

Drop turrets, kill enemies. Learn how to best use Torbjorn.

Overwatch Team Deathmatch Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win, Best Character Strategies

Team Deathmatch is now live on Overwatch for all! Here's a guide on how not to die in the brand new, hectic mode.

Overwatch - How to Play Tracer

Let's leap in the fight, luv! Learn how to use the time-twisting abilities of Tracer.

Overwatch - How to Play Lucio

Pump up the jams with with mobile frontline Support healer!

Overwatch Lucio Ball Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win

Lucio fans rejoice, for the Lucio Ball event has returned to us in the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event.

Overwatch How to Earn Loot Boxes Guide - Emotes, Sprays, Legendary Skins

Run n gun, loot n shoot. How to earn loot boxes and get skins in Overwatch.

Overwatch Anniversary Event - (Update: Ending Today!) Double XP Weekend, New Legendary Skins, Emotes - Everything We Know

The Overwatch Anniversary Event kicks off on May 23, acting as a celebration of the game having been released a year before in 2016.