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PUBG and Path of Exile Highlight Xbox One's Secret Advantage Over PS4

There's a reason that some PC games like Path of Exile are exclusive to the Xbox One right now.

Path of Exile's New Expansion is War for the Atlas

The popular free-to-play action RPG is getting a big boost to its endgame content next month.

Path of Exile Raises $20,000 for Child's Play

The free-to-play Diablolike's first "charity race event" has so far raised an impressive amount, with more to come.

Path of Exile's Success Shows Players Appreciate "Ethical Microtransactions"

The free-to-play Diablolike has surpassed expectations for its first month in non-beta release.

Path of Exile Introduces Integrated Twitch Streaming

The free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile has incorporated the popular Twitch livestreaming platform right into its game client.