Prey (2017) Features

What Makes Good Video Game Lore? The Scribes of Elder Scrolls, Divinity: Original Sin, and More Weigh In

We talk to gaming's best writers about what makes good lore.

Starting Screen | All I Want in Life is an Authentic NES Controller

STARTING SCREEN | Sometimes a real controller can make all the difference. Plus: Hail to the Hungry Crab, 7th Saga, and a new addition to the USgamer team!

USgamer Streams Prey [Done!!]

Mike shows off the opening hours of Prey's release code.

What Is Prey? Understanding How We Went From The Original to the Reboot

Understanding Arkane's next and Bethesda's scifi horror franchise.

Prey Wants To Fill The Bioshock-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Arkane Studios is trying something different with its latest title.

Calling Bethesda's Prey a Metroidvania is a Tiny Bit Misleading

This is not a game you can easily pigeonhole.

Prey Reminds me of Half-Life and System Shock

Needless to say, that's a really Good Thing.

More Than Shamans and Savages: American Indians and Game Development

John Romero and others share their perspective on American Indian representation in game development.