Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy Devs Pitched a Star Wars X-Wing Game in 2016

Double Damage tried to get EA onboard with a space dogfighting game.

Axe of the Blood God Episode 11: Canvassing the RPG Landscape #1

Gamesbeat's Jason Wilson drops by to talk with Kat about the best RPGs so far this year, his new approach to Dark Souls, why Persona Q is underrated, and more.

Thursday Stream: Kat Ventures into a Rebel Galaxy [Finished & Archived]

Come check out the upcoming Star Control/Privateer/Elite: Dangerous hybrid for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at 1pm PT/4pm ET.

Rebel Galaxy is a Pleasant Surprise from the Creators of Diablo and Torchlight

Erich Schaefer and Travis Baldree have teamed up to create an open-world space combat game for the PC and PlayStation 4, and the result is looking quite impressive.