Resident Evil

The Resident Evil Movie Series Has a Reboot in the Works

Meet Claire, Chris, Leon, Jill, and Wesker all over again.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have Fewer Endings, But Potentially More Carlos

Carlos might get a little more spotlight in the remake.

Resident Evil's Newest Survivor is a Living Homage to "Jill Sandwich"

Martin should probably stay away from small rooms with descending ceilings.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is Coming Next April. Check Out the First Trailer.

It'll be the campaign of the previously announced survival co-op game.

Starting Screen | Please Stop Putting Big Spiders In Video Games

I'm tired of it, and I don't have a good reason for it!

The Best Resident Evil Games Ranked From Worst to Best

In this ranking of the best Resident Evil games, we decide which ones are Tyrant-grade and which ones are basic, brain-dead zombies.

Resident Evil 4 Runs Better in Handheld Mode Than Docked, Digital Foundry Reports

And the first Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 don't fare too well in the performance department, either.

The Nintendo Switch is Getting a Lot of Resident Evil Games in May

Resident Evil 0, HD Remaster, and 4 are all coming to the Switch on the same day.

Resident Evil Revelations Collection Coming to the Nintendo Switch Later in 2017

Look! More Capcom games on the Switch!

The Resident Evil Film Franchise is Getting a Six-Movie Reboot, Just Because

It made a lot of money worldwide, okay?

Opinion: Finding Resident Evil Again Requires Letting Go Of Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 might not be the Resident Evil sequel we dreamed of, but this is the flipside of AAA's lack of innovation: fans who can't let the recent past go.

I'm So Happy That Resident Evil is Good Again

Or at least playable. Plus: Final Fantasy XV DLC, Kingdom Hearts, and a mobile game you simply have to play.

Tokyo Games Show 2016 Video Round-Up: Gundam, Resident Evil, SaGa, and Danganronpa V3

Giant robots, scary cannibals, murderous students, serious soldiers, and more feature in this video round-up!

Retronauts Creeps Through Resident Evil's Roots

To ring in the series' 20th anniversary, USgamer's masters of podcasting explore the Capcom series that coined the term "survival horror."

Resident Evil Re-Releases Rounding Out With 4, 5, and 6

Capcom is nearly done with Resident Evil re-releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Reveals a Series Struggling to Reinvent Itself

While not completely deserving of its bad reputation, this prequel can't help but feel like treading water.

This Week, Retronauts Micro Brings You a Petrifying Playlist

Give your Halloween season some musical accompaniment with our collection of iconic horror tracks.

Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #36: Halloween Mix-Up!

Oops, all horror!

Will Umbrella Corps' Unique Ideas be Enough to Sell Resident Evil Fans on eSports?

Capcom's aspirations for the competitive FPS market offers some interesting mechanics, but are RE fans the target audience here?

Behold: One Tantalizing Minute of Resident Evil 0's Scrapped N64 Version

Capcom pulls back the curtain to show off their original, Nintendo-based plans for this Resident Evil side story.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Finally Answers the Lingering Question "Barry? Where's Barry?"

The Bearded Burton makes his long-awaited return in Capcom's episodic follow-up to their RE spin-off.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Aims for Portion Control

Capcom's venture into episodic content could make their overblown flagship series more digestible than its been in years.

Understanding Horror: Taking Up the Controller and Looking Into the Unknown

Mike talks to those who understand horror best about the genre and how it fits into our medium.

Video Feature: A Brief History of Zombies in Video Games

Take a look at how the undead have changed over the years with our video tour of zombies through the generations.

Capcom's Resident Evil REmake... Remake Pays Proper Respect to the Astounding Original

Shinji Mikami's ahead-of-its time GameCube classic hasn't lost a thing in the move to HD.

The Welcome Return of Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom goes back to the well for a sequel to one of the better Resident Evil games from the recent past.

What Resident Evil Needs Now is a Visionary

The long-overdue HD port of REmake raises an important question: Will Capcom ever be able to regain the series' former glory?

Resident Evil Composer Admits Not Actually Composing Anything

Deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi, dubbed the "Japanese Beethoven," actually employed a ghostwriter for nearly 20 years.

EGX: The Evil Within is That New Resident Evil Game You're Looking For

Bethesda presents Shinji Mikami's latest.

The Lost Art of the Jump Scare

When was the last time a game actually made you jolt in fear? Pete ponders this evolution of the horror genre.