Resident Evil 7 News

Resident Evil 7 Is Now the Best-Selling Game in the Series

With 7.9 million total copies shipped.

Resident Evil 7 Concept Art Shows a Blonde Chris Redfield and Cut Characters

The art is taken from the Japanese making-of book.

Capcom Says RE Engine Will Power Its Next-Gen Game Development, Numerous Titles Already in the Works

The RE Engine is Capcom's next-gen flagship game development tool.

Amazon Reportedly Working on a Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon eyes the console wars.

Resident Evil 7 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch With a Unique Streaming Release

Capcom is bring the last Resident Evil to a new platform in a very unique way.

Play PUBG in Far Cry 5 Arcade Thanks to This Custom Map

There are also maps from Resident Evil 7 and Stranger Things if you're interested.

Resident Evil 7 'Not a Hero' Chris Redfield DLC Trailer has a Decidedly More Action-packed Look

It honestly looks like a military shooter than survival horror game.

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition Announced For Japan

Capcom is repackaging its horror franchise reimagining.

Capcom Falters As Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter XX Come in Below Expectations

The publisher had three games in the quarter, but none hit estimates.

Resident Evil 7's Not a Hero DLC Not Arriving This Spring

Capcom isn't done with the free downloadable content for Resident Evil 7.

Capcom Explains Why A Certain Resident Evil 7 Character Looks The Way He Does

The publisher shoots down a popular fan theory in a blog post.

Resident Evil 7’s Family Members Embody the Subgenres of Horror

At GDC 2017, Resident Evil 7's director shared the inspirations for the game's disturbing characters: horror itself.

Resident Evil 7 Has Already Made Back Its Development Costs

Capcom is happy with the sales of the Resident Evil soft reboot.

Resident Evil 7's CGI Prequel Film Brings Back Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil: Vendetta bridges the gap this Summer.

Free Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation 4 Giveaway: Here's How to Enter

If you like horrible things that live in horrible houses, oh boy, do we have a giveaway for you.

Resident Evil 7: Almost 10 Percent of Users Played on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR takes a chunk of Resident Evil 7's playerbase.

Resident Evil 7 Born From RE6 Pushing Action "As Far As We Could", Says Capcom

The previous Resident Evil was a financial success, but Capcom had nowhere else to go.

Resident Evil 7's First DLC Launches On PS4 At The End of January

Capcom already has more content coming to the newest Resident Evil, but non-PS4 owners have to wait a bit.

What's​ ​In​ ​the​ ​Resident​ ​Evil​ ​7​ ​Season​ ​Pass​ ​and​ ​Free​ ​DLC​ ​Coming​ ​This​ ​Spring

Here's​ ​all​ ​the​ ​downloadable​ ​content​ ​coming​ ​to​ ​Resident​ ​Evil​ ​7​ ​in​ ​the​ ​future.

Check Out Two New Resident Evil 7 Teaser Videos

These small scraps of footage may shed some light on this RE reboot's mysteries.

Resident Evil 7 Is PlayStation VR Exclusive For a Year

Sony is making sure that people have a reason to pick up PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 7 Isn't Inspired By PT, But Capcom Did Consider a Supernatural Focus

Capcom has heard the comparisons to Konami's first-person horror demo, but states it's mostly coincidence.

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