Splatoon 2 News

Splatoon, Smash Bros. And More Clash With Nintendo Over Cease-and-Desist Orders

Communities are at odds with Nintendo's stalwart defense of its brands.

Nintendo Adds Some Fresh New Physical Rewards to MyNintendo

Send some postcards from the idyllic post-apocalypse of Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 Is Redoing One of Its Most Contentious Splatfests

Almost a year after the Splatfests ended.

A Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Open and Other Tournaments Brings Life to Nintendo Switch Online

Let some online competition vroom-vroom your winter blues away.

Chaos Reigns In Splatoon 2's Final Splatfest

But the world isn't ending quite yet.

Late Nintendo CEO's Iwata Asks Feature to be Compiled Into a New Book

Satoru Iwata's popular feature will be the basis of a new book.

Splatoon 2's Final Splatfest Detailed, Private Splatfest Mode Coming in July

The festivals are coming to an end with one last climactic battle.

Splatoon 2 Is About to Lose the Title of Japan's Best-Selling Switch Game

Well this news is just Smashing.

Splatoon 2 Demo Week Lets You Try the Calamari (and Nintendo Switch Online) Before You Buy

If you're curious about Splatoon 2, this is a great week to surrender your bones.

Splatoon 2 Octoling Amiibos Get a Release Date and One Has A Creepy Unlockable Outfit

What the heck is that mascot supposed to be?

Splatoon 2 Player Exploits Ranked Leaderboards to Share Anti-Cheating Message With Nintendo

Inkopolis Square is also now overrun with pleads for Nintendo to add anti-cheating measures.

Next Week's New Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina Amiibo Perks Revealed

The duo has look inspired by their Octo Expansion looks.

Yoshi's Island's Hand-Drawn Art Style Was Done Pixel by Pixel

And also it took a long time.

Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion Will Be Out Tomorrow

It'll be available in the evening specifically for North America.

Nintendo Switch Online Offers Cloud Storage for Save Data Backup, Details Here

Like a Lakitu that keeps your save files backed up.

Splatoon 2 Expansion Trailer Appears to Pay Tribute to Notorious BIG and Tupac

Pearl and Marina have a certain look to them.

Nintendo Direct Recap: Smash Bros, Splatoon Expansion, and Ports, Oh My!

There was a lot shown during Nintendo's 30 minute presentation.

Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion Lets You Unlock Octolings as Playable Characters

Splatoon 2 is getting its very first expansion this Summer.

Nintendo Switch Online Server Downtime Will Affect eShop Purchasing

All dates and times for Nintendo's planned maintenance, and how it will impact you.

Splatoon 2 Sales Exceed 2 Million in Japan

How many gallons of paint have been spilled in the name of turf wars? Someone do the math.

Pearl and Marina Splatoon 2 Amiibo Coming Soon (As Well as a New Stage: Goby Arena)

Pearl and Marina see what you do at night, and they judge you.

Splatoon 2's New Museum Map Drops Tomorrow with Zero Human Skeletons in Sight

Just in time for the latest Splatfest.

Splatoon-Themed Joy-Cons Are Coming to the United States

You'll be able to pick up the Neon Green and Pink Joy-Cons soon.

Splatoon 2 Is Getting Its Biggest Update yet This Week

The update includes new maps, fresh gear, and the ability to finally swap your load-out between matches! Bless.

Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Takes the Fight to Genre Fiction

Choose your poison: science fiction or fantasy?

Splatoon 2's Latest Splatfest Is Inciting a Halloween War

Choose your poison: vampires or werewolves.

Walmart Started Selling the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle Today

Get the Switch and one of the best games for it in one convenient package.

Miiverse Has but Weeks to Live. Let's Look Back on the Good(?) Times

Nintendo just punched the social network's ticket. You're gonna die Miiverse, RIP.

Splatoon 2's New Salmon Run Map Will Teach Kids the Horrors of Global Warming

A new special weapon and two new maps will be added to Splatoon 2 as free updates.

PSA: The Ink in Splatoon 2 Will be Mayonnaise and Ketchup Colored for Splatfest

Mayonnaise or ketchup, it's serious business.

Splatoon 2 Sells A Massive 648,085 Units At Launch in Japan

Japan still loves its Splatoon.

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.7 Million Units Worldwide, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 3.5 Million

Nintendo is making great money this quarter on the Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon is Getting an Anime Just in Time for Splatoon 2

The animated shorts will be based off the manga.

Splatoon 2 Direct Gives Us a Glimpse At The Nintendo Switch Online App

SplatNet 2 lets you play online with your friends.

Splatoon 2's Last Nintendo Direct Coming On July 6

One last Direct before launch, it seems.

Splatoon 2 Shows off Single-Player Campaign for the First Time

Marie is back. But where is Callie?

Splatoon 2's Maps Will Only Rotate Every Two Hours, Instead of Four

Nintendo is still all-in on limiting our map choices, apparently.

Does Splatoon 2's Single-Player Campaign Involve a War Between the Squid Sisters?

There is something rotten in the city of Inkopoplis.

Splatoon 2 Coming July 21 With New Mode and Amiibos

We finally know when Splatoon 2's summer release will be.

Join Us As We Liveblog Today's Nintendo Direct at 6pm ET/3pm PT [Update: Finished!]

Nintendo will be sharing more info about Splatoon 2 and Arms, and we'll be liveblogging in the process.

Arms and Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct: Preview and How to Watch the Presentation

Here's how and when to watch the upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation for Splatoon 2 and Arms, plus everything we know about the games so far.

How to Access Splatoon 2's Global Testfire

Splatoon 2's hosting a free Global Testfire throughout the weekend, and here's how to play it.

Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Showing Off Nintendo's Online This Weekend

If you're looking for something to play on your Switch, Nintendo has something for you.

Nintendo Switch's Online Smartphone App Given a Bit More Detail

In a press release for Splatoon 2, Nintendo talk briefly about the mysterious smartphone app.

Splatoon 2 Gets Free Demo At The End of March

New Switch owners will have a taste of Nintendo's squiddy shooter sequel.

Splatoon 2's Single-Player Campaign Is Set Two Years After the First Game

In the bright world of the Inklings, there is only war and pop music.