Star Fox 64

Fan Turns Star Fox 64 Into a Paper Mario-Style Pop-Up Book

Once upon a time in the faraway system of Lylat...

Rick May, Voice of StarFox 64's Peppy, Andross, and TF2's Soldier, Dies of COVID-19

May's passing was confirmed by his friend and fellow voice actor Larry Albert.

What Game Do You Replay At Least One Per Year?

COMMUNITY REQUEST | Let's talk about the games we never quite finish playing.

The Original (And Best?) Star Fox Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The barrel rolls were slower and clumsier, but Star Fox for the SNES has a special something every other iteration lacks.

Stream: Kat's Favorite Levels in Star Fox Zero and a Hard Route Run in Star Fox 64

Kat shows some of her favorite levels in Star Fox Zero, then goes on a Hard route run in Star Fox 64 at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

Star Fox's History of Innovation, For Better or Worse

Star Fox Zero will be the latest game in the series to lean on innovation. Here are a few of the previous attempts, and whether they were ultimately successful.

Celebrate the Evolution of Games With Our New Daily Video Series

This Day in Video/articles/usgamers-daily-classics Game History commemorates landmark events each and every day, beginning with the launch of Star Fox 64 in 1997.

Tuesday Stream: Kat Saves the Lylat System in Star Fox 64

A new Star Fox is on the way, which means it's time for Kat's annual replay of Star Fox 64! Join her at 4pm PT/7pm ET.