Star Wars: Battlefront Features

The Last Jedi Opens the Doors to a New Expanded Universe for Star Wars Video Games

Finally, a chance for Star Wars video games to help grow the new expanded universe.

Why Everyone Wants Star Wars: Battlefront II to Have Galactic Conquest

One of the best parts of the older Battlefront games is still missing in the reboot series.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Is Coming, the SNES Classic Is Coming (Maybe), and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

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From Us to You! Wonders if Destiny: Rise of Iron Has Left Behind Those Who Weren't There at Launch

PODCAST: We discuss Battlefront's Death Star DLC, Forza Horizon 3, Pokémon on the NX, and more!

This Week's Streaming Schedule: Forza Horizon 3 and a Death Star Trench Run

We check out two of this week's more interesting releases.

Star Trek and X-wing Are Both Being Reborn in VR

But Star Trek Bridge Crew might be a little too ambitious for its own good.

When Less is More: Why Overwatch is Succeeding Where Battlefront and Battleborn Failed

When a strong identity trumps the quest for more content.

USgamer's Best (?) Games of 2015: Our Biggest Disappointment

PART FIVE: They can't all be winners. We pause a moment in our celebration of the year's best games to note the ones we hoped would turn out better than they did.

A Look at The Battle of Jakku, Star Wars: Battlefront's First DLC

Two new maps and a new mode await for those who pre-ordered the core game.

Star Wars Battlefront: How Do You Value a Game?

Games cost money. How do you square that with a game being a work of art?

USgamer's "From US To You!" Podcast Kept You Waiting, Huh?

The team returns to action at long last to waffle a bit about the past week's biggest games.

What Multiplayer Modes are Available in Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront is mostly multiplayer. So what will you be playing when the game launches?

Star Wars Battlefront Impressions and Gameplay: More than Battlefield, Not Quite Battlefront

EA and DICE's new shooter splits the difference between a refined scifi Battlefield and the classic Battlefront franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront's PC Specs Want Your Very Best

Can your system run DICE's latest title? Probably, but you want the shiny version, don't you?

On the Show Floor: Glimpsing the New Vikings Stadium in Madden 16, Star Fox Disappointment, and Star Wars: Battlefront

Kat gets a glimpse of the future, and in some ways, the past as well.

Multiplayer PVP: Black Ops III vs Halo 5 Guardians: Warzone vs Star Wars: Battlefront

How do three of the biggest multiplayer PvP games stack up against one another?

DICE Has Even More Riding on Star Wars Battlefront Than I Thought

The criticism being leveled at Battlefront is a reminder that DICE and EA are unlikely to get the benefit of the doubt from fans anytime soon.

Darth Vader and Hope: What the Dark Lord of the Sith Means for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts finally took the wraps off Star Wars Battlefront yesterday. Will it be a reskinned Battlefield clone? Or does it have the chance to be something more? Kat shares her thoughts.