Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Review: Finally Ready For New Challengers

Sakura marks the beginning of Capcom's new start with Street Fighter V.

Longtime Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Is Leaving Capcom

One last Shoryuken for the road.

Street Fighter 5 Reveals Four New Fighters, Including a Guest From Rival Schools

Capcom lays out the roadmap for another year of Street Fighter.

Street Fighter 5 Summer Stream Is Coming Next Week With New Character Reveals

Time to see who's still making the cut.

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat Out of Evo Online Over Recent Allegations [Update]

As more withdraw from Evo Online, two major players won't be present.

Evo President Goes On Leave as Wave of Abuse Allegations Hit Fighting Game Community [Update]

In light of the past day's events, some top players are also stepping away from Evo Online.

Street Fighter 5 Is Getting One More Season of New Content

Five fighters, three new arenas, one last hurrah.

Evo 2020 Has Been Canceled, Moving Online Like Everything Else

The wi-fi warriors will finally have their day.

Why Video Game Rivalries Can be Beautiful

How a rivalry cemented my love of fighting games, and a friendship as well.

Yoshinori Ono Reflects on Street Fighter 5: “We Re-Learned the Importance of Listening to Our Players”

An interview on the lessons learned from Street Fighter's latest entry.

Street Fighter 5 Got a Vague Netcode Update, and the Community Is Hunting for Differences [Update]

The new update was left to the community to decipher.

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Roundtable: A Challenger Heads Into Its Final Round

Mike and Eric sort out their feelings on where Street Fighter 5 stands with the release of its latest collection.

Street Fighter 5 is Getting a Champion Edition With Every Fighter So Far

Also, Gill is back, both buff and almost in the buff.

Yoshinori Ono Is in No Rush to Get Street Fighter on Next-Gen Consoles

"When the time's right we'll look at next gen possibilities, but no sooner than that."

Evo 2019 Starts Today - Here's Where and What To Watch

The world tournament of fighting games is upon us.

Three New Street Fighter 5 Characters Leak Ahead Of Evo 2019 [Update]

A much-awaited sumo returns, as well as two Final Fighters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Snags The Headliner Spot At Evo 2019

Street Fighter will be a little bit earlier this year.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Breaks Series Record For Evo 2019

A huge turnout for Ultimate's debut year.

Street Fighter 5 Goes Completely Free for Two Weeks

With Mortal Kombat 11 right around the corner, Capcom makes its fighter free.

Street Fighter 5 Gets Its Own Loot Boxes

Earn rare skins through the magic of fortune-telling! It makes more sense in context.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Introduces Brand New Character, Falke

A new original character joins to the Street Fighter universe.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Review: Finally Ready For New Challengers

Sakura marks the beginning of Capcom's new start with Street Fighter V.

The USgamer Podcast: Nintendo Labo, Fable Rumors, Street Fighter V Arcade

PODCAST | The latest episode of our flagship podcast is here!

Street Fighter Character Poll Led By Sakura, Makoto, Juri, and Q

A new character poll ends up with a very weird Top 10.

SF5: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Offers Viewtiful Joe and Captain Commando Costumes

Crossover costumes are the focus of Arcade Edition's new Extra Battle mode.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Adds Sakura, Blanka, and Sagat for Season 3

A trio of classic fighters return just in time for Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Named In Amazon Leak [Update: Confirmed]

Years later, Street Fighter 5 may get its own Arcade mode.

Street Fighter 5 Takes Another Shot At Cammy's SF2 Stage

October sees a new stage and a whole host of costumes for Street Fighter 5.

EVO 2017 Highlights: The Matches We'll be Talking About Until 2018

One of the best Evo tournaments ended last night. Wins, losses, upsets, and more.

Arms and Street Fighter 5 Are Headliners At Evo Japan 2018

Tournament organizers announce the games headlining Evo Japan.

Street Fighter 5 Rolls Out New Character, Stages, and Network Next Week

Smoother online functions should help when testing out the new character and stages.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 DLC Reveals Ed as The Next Fighter

The fighting styles of M.Bison and Balrog meet in the next DLC character.

Smash Bros Picked Over Street Fighter V for Evo Japan's Sai Tournament

We already knew Street Fighter V wasn't making an appearance, but the final game of the pre-tourney is interesting.

Street Fighter 5's New Challenger Is Kolin on February 28

Capcom has finally taken the wraps off the next fighter for SFV.

Street Fighter 5 Facebook Update Essentially Confirms Helen as Next DLC Character

The kindly lady who revived Charlie Nash is likely going to be the next SF5 character release.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Kicks Off Today With Akuma and Holiday Costumes

The raging demon joins the cast of Street Fighter V, just in time for the holidays.

Street Fighter 5 Kicks Off Season 2 With Akuma on Dec 20

The master of the Satsui no Hado is coming back to Street Fighter with a new 'do.

How Will Nintendo Switch Change Our Favorite Games?

Nintendo's next system will play host to lots of familiar series. We speculate how they'll take advantage of the unconventional hardware.

Juri Punishes Street Fighter V's Roster on July 26

The off-kilter Taewkondo master returns next week.

Street Fighter 5 Getting SF3 Costumes and an SF2 Stage As DLC

At an EVO 2016 panel, Capcom has announced nostalgic DLC and downloads that will support the Capcom Pro Tour.

Street Fighter V June Update Moves to July, Adds Balrog

The Story Mode update is coming in July with an additional character.

Street Fighter V's June Update: Great Stuff, Probably Too Late

A story mode, all-new daily challenges, and in-game currency changes are part of SFV's biggest update yet.

Street Fighter V's Sales Below Expectations, Capcom Plans "Full-Scale Offensive"

Capcom's flagship fighter is suffering a bit, but the publisher hopes to rally in the second half of the year.

Alex Enters The Ring As Capcom Tries to Improve Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V had a rough start, but the next character is on his way alongside a new patch.

Street Fighter V's Record Evo 2016 Registrations Justify Lean Retail Release

Street Fighter V is light on content, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for the fighting game community.

Street Fighter 5 Tips - How to Win Online

Understanding what the V-Gauge is about.

Street Fighter V Hit With Launch Server Issues

It's hard out on those streets. Capcom's new start for Street Fighter is plagued by network issues.

Street Fighter 5 - All Critical Art Finishers

Finish your opponent with these special moves.

Street Fighter V PC Review: Tournament-Ready, And Not Much Else

Street Fighter V is a great foundation, but Capcom needs to build some more atop that foundation.

The Race to Become the Next Big eSport

COVER STORY: From Halo to Rocket League, seemingly every developer wants their game to be a big-time eSport, and the stakes are even higher than you realize.

Which Game Will be the Next Great eSport? Assessing the Contenders

COVER STORY: From Call of Duty to Smite, Kat takes stock of the games vying to become the next great eSport.

A Fighting Game Scrub's Perspective on Street Fighter V

Kat reflects on her own history with the series and its attempts to reach a broader audience. Plus, scattered thoughts on the new characters.

EVO 2016 Drops Ultra Street Fighter IV Like a Bad Habit

EVO moves on to Street Fighter V and adds Pokken Tournament to its marquee line-up.

Street Fighter V Changes Made "Internally" To Reach Larger Audience

The maligned camera edits and animation changes in SFV's last beta phase were made to reach more casual users.

Street Fighter V: The Red Cyclone Returns and Laura Leaks

Famitsu lets one of Street Fighter V's new challengers leak a bit early.

Street Fighter V Hands-On: You Can Never Go Home Again

Capcom's latest fighter makes subtle but significant changes to the series' enduring formula in the name of diversity.

Street Fighter V Does Representation Right with Rashid

Capcom continues to make interesting character choices for Street Fighter V, adding the Middle Eastern master of the Turbulent Wind.

Street Fighter V's Rainbow Mika: A Force for Women in Games?

Why Capcom's scantily-clad butt-slamming lady offers a surprisingly positive example of female representation.

Street Fighter V Stress Test: Notes from the Underground

This past weekend, the Street Fighter V beta lurched back to life. Here's what we found.

No New Challengers: Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Indefinitely

Capcom decides to postpone the Street Fighter V beta while it works out some issues.

Street Fighter Beta Diary: Day One (And Maybe Only)

There, there. Shhh. I know.

Street Fighter V Beta: Day 0: What We Know So Far

What better way to prepare for tonight’s beta than to get everyone on the same page?

Street Fighter V Will Never Go 'Super": SFV Becomes a Service

Capcom is trying something different for the newest Street Fighter.

The Return of Birdie in Street Fighter V, and the Trials and Tribulations of a Pad Player

Plus: It's time to party like it's 1999 and we're playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 again.

Choose Your Console: Why the Fighting Game Community Isn't Too Happy About Street Fighter V Exclusivity

Capcom's decision to limit Street Fighter V to the PC and PlayStation 4 hasn't been popular with the fighting game community. One member explains why.

Street Fighter V Coming to PS4 and PC: A New Era of Console Exclusives [Updated]

Are rising game development costs and "money hats" bringing us back to the era of console exclusive?

Life Support Wish List: Six Classics That Deserve the Street Fighter V Treatment

If first-party exclusive funding is what it takes to keep classic franchises alive, we'd like to nominate these seven forgotten candidates.