Street Fighter 5 News

Longtime Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Is Leaving Capcom

One last Shoryuken for the road.

Street Fighter 5 Reveals Four New Fighters, Including a Guest From Rival Schools

Capcom lays out the roadmap for another year of Street Fighter.

Street Fighter 5 Summer Stream Is Coming Next Week With New Character Reveals

Time to see who's still making the cut.

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat Out of Evo Online Over Recent Allegations [Update]

As more withdraw from Evo Online, two major players won't be present.

Evo President Goes On Leave as Wave of Abuse Allegations Hit Fighting Game Community [Update]

In light of the past day's events, some top players are also stepping away from Evo Online.

Street Fighter 5 Is Getting One More Season of New Content

Five fighters, three new arenas, one last hurrah.

Evo 2020 Has Been Canceled, Moving Online Like Everything Else

The wi-fi warriors will finally have their day.

Street Fighter 5 Got a Vague Netcode Update, and the Community Is Hunting for Differences [Update]

The new update was left to the community to decipher.

Street Fighter 5 is Getting a Champion Edition With Every Fighter So Far

Also, Gill is back, both buff and almost in the buff.

Yoshinori Ono Is in No Rush to Get Street Fighter on Next-Gen Consoles

"When the time's right we'll look at next gen possibilities, but no sooner than that."

Evo 2019 Starts Today - Here's Where and What To Watch

The world tournament of fighting games is upon us.

Three New Street Fighter 5 Characters Leak Ahead Of Evo 2019 [Update]

A much-awaited sumo returns, as well as two Final Fighters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Snags The Headliner Spot At Evo 2019

Street Fighter will be a little bit earlier this year.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Breaks Series Record For Evo 2019

A huge turnout for Ultimate's debut year.

Street Fighter 5 Goes Completely Free for Two Weeks

With Mortal Kombat 11 right around the corner, Capcom makes its fighter free.

Street Fighter 5 Gets Its Own Loot Boxes

Earn rare skins through the magic of fortune-telling! It makes more sense in context.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Introduces Brand New Character, Falke

A new original character joins to the Street Fighter universe.

Street Fighter Character Poll Led By Sakura, Makoto, Juri, and Q

A new character poll ends up with a very weird Top 10.

SF5: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Offers Viewtiful Joe and Captain Commando Costumes

Crossover costumes are the focus of Arcade Edition's new Extra Battle mode.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Adds Sakura, Blanka, and Sagat for Season 3

A trio of classic fighters return just in time for Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Named In Amazon Leak [Update: Confirmed]

Years later, Street Fighter 5 may get its own Arcade mode.

Street Fighter 5 Takes Another Shot At Cammy's SF2 Stage

October sees a new stage and a whole host of costumes for Street Fighter 5.

Arms and Street Fighter 5 Are Headliners At Evo Japan 2018

Tournament organizers announce the games headlining Evo Japan.

Street Fighter 5 Rolls Out New Character, Stages, and Network Next Week

Smoother online functions should help when testing out the new character and stages.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 DLC Reveals Ed as The Next Fighter

The fighting styles of M.Bison and Balrog meet in the next DLC character.

Smash Bros Picked Over Street Fighter V for Evo Japan's Sai Tournament

We already knew Street Fighter V wasn't making an appearance, but the final game of the pre-tourney is interesting.

Street Fighter 5's New Challenger Is Kolin on February 28

Capcom has finally taken the wraps off the next fighter for SFV.

Street Fighter 5 Facebook Update Essentially Confirms Helen as Next DLC Character

The kindly lady who revived Charlie Nash is likely going to be the next SF5 character release.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Kicks Off Today With Akuma and Holiday Costumes

The raging demon joins the cast of Street Fighter V, just in time for the holidays.

Street Fighter 5 Kicks Off Season 2 With Akuma on Dec 20

The master of the Satsui no Hado is coming back to Street Fighter with a new 'do.

Juri Punishes Street Fighter V's Roster on July 26

The off-kilter Taewkondo master returns next week.

Street Fighter 5 Getting SF3 Costumes and an SF2 Stage As DLC

At an EVO 2016 panel, Capcom has announced nostalgic DLC and downloads that will support the Capcom Pro Tour.

Street Fighter V June Update Moves to July, Adds Balrog

The Story Mode update is coming in July with an additional character.

Street Fighter V's June Update: Great Stuff, Probably Too Late

A story mode, all-new daily challenges, and in-game currency changes are part of SFV's biggest update yet.

Street Fighter V's Sales Below Expectations, Capcom Plans "Full-Scale Offensive"

Capcom's flagship fighter is suffering a bit, but the publisher hopes to rally in the second half of the year.

Alex Enters The Ring As Capcom Tries to Improve Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V had a rough start, but the next character is on his way alongside a new patch.

Street Fighter V's Record Evo 2016 Registrations Justify Lean Retail Release

Street Fighter V is light on content, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for the fighting game community.

Street Fighter V Hit With Launch Server Issues

It's hard out on those streets. Capcom's new start for Street Fighter is plagued by network issues.

EVO 2016 Drops Ultra Street Fighter IV Like a Bad Habit

EVO moves on to Street Fighter V and adds Pokken Tournament to its marquee line-up.

Street Fighter V Changes Made "Internally" To Reach Larger Audience

The maligned camera edits and animation changes in SFV's last beta phase were made to reach more casual users.