Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker Wii U Review: Infinite Fundiscovery

There's never been a more "Nintendo" creation than this 2D Mario construction kit.

Super Mario Maker Support on Wii U is Coming to an End Next Year

That means it'll also be removed from the eShop soon.

USG's Top 100 Games of the Decade: #25-1

The 100 best games of the 2010s, as determined by us.

10 Things We Want to See in Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch

A follow-up for Super Mario Maker feels like a sure thing, and there are lots of ways the sequel can surpass the excellent original.

Six Ways Nintendo Could Make Everyone Happy With Super Mario Maker for 3DS

Yeah, the new level-design tool port definitely has some serious shortcomings. Fortunately, we can think of a few easy fixes.

Super Mario Maker Heads to 3DS in December

Nintendo hears the fans and brings Super Mario Maker to its portable platform.

Nintendo Treads Water For 2016; Amiibo and Splatoon Keep It Floating

Nintendo's still in the black this year, with sales and profits down.

USgamer's Game of the Year for 2015

May we have the envelope, please....

USgamer's Best Games of 2015: Best Time-Waster

PART NINE: When we had a few idle moments to kill, these games did the killing—with style!

USgamer's Best Games of 2015: Best Emergent Gameplay

PART EIGHT: The USgamer team celebrates the games that let us play 'em our own way, even if those ways were never intended.

USgamer's Best Games of 2015: Most Rewarding Game

PART ONE: The team played lots of games in 2015, but which one left them with the greatest sense of accomplishment?

Super Mario Maker Update Adds Fire Koopa Clown Car, P Warp Door, Bookmarks, and More

The latest update for Super Mario Maker lets you build a Mario experience that's a bit outside the box -- and that's awesome.

The USgamer Team Discusses Its Other Games of the Year

Mike Williams steps in to host From US To You! as Jeremy, Nadia, and Bob share their thoughts.

The Super Mario Maker Team Speaks on the Game's Update, and the Future

The creators talk about the new material, the prospect of future updates, and what they think about the idea of a Zelda Maker.

Super Mario Maker Update Adds Checkpoints and Conditional Power-Ups

A free update coming on November 4 adds features the community has been looking for.

Contest: Think You're a World-Class Mario Maker? [Contest Closed!]

Submit your best Mario Maker creation and you could win a fabulous prize. We'll name winners once we play through a few hundred submissions...

5 Ways Nintendo Could Improve Super Mario Maker

Nintendo's Mario creation kit is already pretty user-friendly—with just a few tweaks, it could be user-friendlier.

A Report From the Super Mario 30th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo

A rundown of Nintendo's musical celebration of what could be the most important moment in the company's history.

We Meet at Last, ZX Spectrum (Bonus: A Manic Miner Mario Maker Level)

Also Amstrad's obscure attempt to challenge Nintendo and Sega, and other examples of European gaming history at EGX.

Super Mario Maker's "Demakes" Are the Coolest

Later additions reimagined via the lens of earlier games provides some of Mario Maker's greatest moments.

Nintendo Needs A Mario Maker Player for 3DS

Nintendo should let players take a few Mario Maker levels on the road.

Retronauts Wishes Mario a Happy 30th Birthday

Actually, Mario's much older than 30, but his most important adventure just dinged the odometer on another decade. Plus, Super Mario Maker discussion!

The Road to Super Mario Maker

Retrace Nintendo's attempts to turn players into designers over the past 30 years.

The Daily Mario, Epilogue: Once More, With Feeling

As the Super Mario Maker review servers go offline, Jeremy says farewell to many hours of work with a final tribute to the Mario game Nintendo forgot to include.

Super Mario Maker Wii U Review: Infinite Fundiscovery

There's never been a more "Nintendo" creation than this 2D Mario construction kit.

The Daily Mario, Day 9: Crowdsourcing Toward Excellence

Your feedback turns an interesting but unrealized level concept into a near-finished work of art.

The Daily (?) Mario, Day 8: A Work-in-Progress

One does not simply throw together complex levels.

The Daily Mario, Day 7: "And on the Seventh Day..."

As all good creators should, Jeremy ends a week of Super Mario Maker by resting and reappraising his work so far. But did he see that it was good...?

The Daily Mario, Day 6: Back to Basics

Jeremy takes on the greatest challenge Super Mario Maker has to offer: Creating a level suitable to be a game's World 1-1.

The Daily Mario, Day 5: Dammed Souls

Take a break from thoughtful original levels for this hateful remake of one of the hardest stages ever to appear on NES.

The Daily Mario, Day 4: The Castle Indoctrination

Bowser makes his debut as Jeremy experiments with Super Mario Maker's castle toolset.

The Daily Mario, Day 3: Sea-nanigans

Can an amateur designer achieve the impossible: Create a fun underwater level design?

The Daily Mario, Day 2: Salvation Through Iteration

Design; test; fail; revise; test; fail; revise some more.

The Daily Mario, Day 1: He's So Basic

Jeremy begins his daily chronicle of learning to design great (even competent would be OK) levels in Super Mario Maker with the most fundamental of building blocks.

Super Mario Maker's Content Rollout is Nintendo's Design Discipline In Action

You won't be able to access every tool in Mario Maker's toolbox at launch... and that's a good thing.

USgamer's Best of E3 2015 Editor's Choice Awards and Best of Show Winners!

We pick the best of the best for the year ahead, and also announce two overall Best of E3 winners - one voted for by the USgamer team, and the other voted by you, the readers.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Creator Kensuke Tanabe on Super Mario Maker's Missing Piece

Does the director of the oddball NES classic feel snubbed over his game's absence in Nintendo's upcoming game design tool?

Give Us a Super Mario Bros. Design Works Already, Nintendo

E3 2015's Nintendo event revealed some amazing, behind-the-scenes documents from their first console hit. But these priceless sheets of paper don't belong in any museum.

On the Show Floor: Getting Lost in the Sony Booth, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Why I'm Struggling with Super Mario Maker

It was a packed first day on the E3 2015 show floor. Here's what Kat found.