Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run iOS Review: Quite Dashing

Super Mario Run has some unappealing aspects (always online -- boo!), but overall it's a high quality mobile experience worthy of Mario's name.

Fire Emblem is Nintendo's Hero in the Mobile Market While Mario Scrabbles for Scraps

Given Mario's enormous star power, why isn't he more lucrative in the mobile space?

Nintendo Doesn't Want to Look Greedy Over Mobile Game Microtransactions

Nintendo is doing its best to prevent its mobile partners from taking more of your money.

Super Mario Run Has "Not yet Reached an Acceptable Profit Point:" Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes is doing pretty swell, though.

What the Heck Does Nintendo Have Planned for Its Mobile Zelda Game?

It's only a rumor, but a it's a feasible one. Which begs the question: Given Super Mario Run's failure to make cash, what can we expect from a mobile Zelda game?

Super Mario Run "Did Not Meet Our Expectations", Says Nintendo President

Nintendo isn't a fan of free-to-play, but Fire Emblem Heroes is the company real success story.

USgamer Community Question: Are You Happy With Nintendo's Mobile Games So Far?

Nintendo's had time to find its bearings on mobile. So what do you think?

Super Mario Runs Drops Off the Top 50 Money Makers List on iOS

Nintendo's first mobile had a decent tail, but it looks like Fire Emblem Heroes was announced at the right time.

Super Mario Run Coming to Android in March

"Let's-a go to Google Play!"

What Nintendo Learned From Super Mario Run, and What Comes Next

2017 IN PREVIEW: Nintendo is going to have to re-think how it prices its mobile games, though that doesn't necessarily mean going free-to-play.

Nintendo Planning To Release "More Than Three" Smartphone Games a Year

Mobile is going to be a growing pillar of Nintendo's business moving forward.

Super Mario Run Hits 50 Million Downloads, Launches Friendly Run Mode [Updated]

As Nintendo's mobile hit crosses a milestone, the company adds a kinder spin on Toad Rally.

Super Mario Run's Pricing Takes Hits From Consumers and Investors

Nintendo first mobile game is successful, but the company is still suffering the slings and arrows.

2016 Successfully Used Familiar Faces to Introduce New Ideas

This past year taught us that it's possible to appeal to people's sense of nostalgia while teaching them new ways to play.

Super Mario Run: Tips and Hints for Mastering the Run

Here's some tips for a masterful run in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run: How to Unlock All the Characters, Including Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi

Here's how to unlock all the characters in Super Mario Run, including Princess Peach, Luigi, Toadette, and Yoshi.

Super Mario Run iOS Review: Quite Dashing

Super Mario Run has some unappealing aspects (always online -- boo!), but overall it's a high quality mobile experience worthy of Mario's name.

Super Mario Run Is Always Online Because of Piracy, Says Miyamoto

Nintendo's first mobile game isn't as portable as it could be, since an online connection is required.

Miyamoto Says Mobile Brings Nintendo's Characters "To a Much Broader Audience"

Nintendo is positioning mobile as part of the company's overall ecosystem, not just a money maker.

Super Mario Run Is $9.99, and No, That's Not a Rip-Off

Super Mario Run is coming on December 15, and you can try before you buy.

You Can Stop Asking Nintendo to Go Third Party; With Super Mario Run, They've Done It

It's just that your idea of a third-party Nintendo probably doesn't match up with the company's own vision.

From Us to You! Analyzes the PlayStation 4 Pro and Super Mario Run Announcements

PODCAST: Kat, Bob, and Nadia go in-depth on today's big announcements.

Mario Comes to iOS in Super Mario Run

Nintendo brings an official Mario game to Apple devices.