Super Mario World News

New "Gigaleak" of Nintendo Prototypes and Source Code Is a Huge Deal - Here's Why

This is a massive look into older Nintendo development.

New Super Nintendo World Details Show How It Will Fit in at Universal Orlando

Super Nintendo World is about to get Epic [Universe].

Nintendo Switch Could Be Getting a Wireless SNES Controller

FCC filings point towards the Super Nintendo arriving on the Switch.

This is the Perfect Mario Halloween Art Display

"Let's-a get spooky!"

Here's an NES playing Super Mario World for the SNES.

The NES is Mario's world now.

Nintendo Shows Off What Yoshi Originally Looked Like

We dodged a Bullet Bill.

Okay, Wow, Mario Regularly Punched Yoshi in the Head

Mario punches more than just bricks.

Tony Rosato, the Voice of DIC's Luigi, Dies at Age 62

But Mama Luigi will live in forever in our hearts (and on the Internet).