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Will COVID-19 Mark a Permanent Sea Change for Gaming?

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Executives and industry figures take a deep breath before the next wave of new announcements to speculate on what the pandemic leaves in its wake.

The Fate of System Shock 3 Now Rests With Tencent

It's unclear at this point whether the project is actually moving forward or not.

Report: System Shock 3 Team Is No Longer Employed

After repeated layoffs in the second half of 2019, devs on the "content" side have all been let go.

System Shock 3 Looks Appropriately Horrifying in This Pre-Alpha Teaser

Come for the gameplay, stay for SHODAN mocking you.

Warren Spector Really Doesn't Like the Idea of Self-Publishing System Shock 3

Luckily there are interested publishers.

System Shock 3 Trailer Reminds You You're Nothing but a Pathetic Hacker

Yeah, humans are just meat and bone. On the plus side, we're delicious.

System Shock 3 Will Be Published By Starbreeze

Otherside Entertainment's System Shock sequel has found a publisher.

System Shock 3's Spector: Mainstream Development Hasn't Seen "A Whole Lot of Progress"

Warren Spector is back to making games and he hopes that the indie space is where new games can thrive.

System Shock and Warren Spector Together Again

Spector joins Otherside Entertainment to work on Underworld Ascendant and System Shock 3.

Shodan Returns! System Shock 3 Announced

The murderous AI is back, despite your best attempts to kill her twice.