System Shock Reboot

Nightdive Studios's CEO Is "Never Going to Stop" Trying to Revive No One Lives Forever

Maybe the team will take another crack at licensing NOLF after finishing the System Shock remake?

Cyberspace Is Looking Slick in the System Shock Remake

You can't jack-in with the remake's new demo yet, but you'll want to leave meatspace behind.

Turok 1 and 2 Coming to Xbox One from System Shock Remake Devs

Dinosaur Hunter and Seeds of Evil are coming to the Xbox One.

The System Shock Remaster's Hiatus Highlights Kickstarter's Downsides

Development is hard and it doesn't get easier with your money.

System Shock Reboot's Alpha Demo Is About Building Kickstarter Trust

The remaster has become a "complete remake" and Chris Avellone is pitching in.