Tekken 7 News

Bandai Namco, Capcom, and More Will Host Fighting Game Roundtable This Friday

Expect news from at least two of the devs present.

Tekken Producer Harada Knows You Want Kiryu in Tekken, and He's Tired of Hearing It

The board members of Bandai Namco have a better idea.

Tekken 7 Is Being Completely Dominated by Leroy, Its Newest DLC Character

The latest addition to Tekken was proven to be number one last weekend.

Project xCloud’s Preview Selection Makes Stadia’s Launch Lineup Look Tiny

Dozens of games are coming for testers of Microsoft's game streaming service.

Why Tekken 7 Players Are Divided Over Paid Frame Data DLC

Some great features are coming to Tekken, but one's price tag is drawing ire.

Solid Snake Voice Actor, Tekken Producer Respond to "Joke" Evo 2019 Announcement

Seems not everyone was on board with the gag.

Every Evo 2019 Announcement: New Fighters, Games, and a Tank

Yeah, a straight-up tank.

Evo 2019 Starts Today - Here's Where and What To Watch

The world tournament of fighting games is upon us.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Breaks Series Record For Evo 2019

A huge turnout for Ultimate's debut year.

Negan From The Walking Dead is Coming to Tekken 7 as a Playable Character

The Walking Dead meets Tekken 7.

New Tekken 7 DLC Costumes for Anniversary Coming This Month Include a NJPW Pro-Wrestling Set

There are a bunch of brand new Tekkn 7 skins to celebrate the one year anniversary of the fighting game, including new skins for Nina, Jin, and others.

Evo 2018's Lineup Skips Over Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

It's not Mahvel, baby.

Tekken 7 Producer Says Japan Will Never "Be Back on Top of Game Development"

Katsuhiro Harada does not speak doom, but he says that that Japan won't hold the crown anymore.

EVO 2017's Main Line-Up Includes SF5, Tekken 7, and Two Smash Bros

The organizers of the fighting game tournament have announced the title cards and a way for one more game to end up on the list.

Tekken 7 Will Finally Finish the Mishima Feud on June 2

Well, Japan gets it a day earlier, but close enough.