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The Gateway Guide to Star Wars Games

From Battlefront to TIE Fighter, we explore the universe of Star Wars games.

"The Greatest Star Wars Game Ever": TIE Fighter

The game that dared to make the Empire the good guys.

TIE Fighter: A Gamer's Education

Kat reflects on the game that changed her perspective on gaming.

Why the 1994 Version of X-wing is Better Than the 1998 Version

Plus a look at arguably the greatest strategy guide ever.

Greatest Years in Gaming History: 1995

One of the industry's most tumultuous years saw the decline of gaming's old guard and the rise of vintage classics like Chrono Trigger.

Tuesday USstreamer: TIE Fighter 20th Anniversary Stream (Update: Watch it Here!)

Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of TIE Fighter with Kat as she blows rebel scum out of the sky at 6pm PST/9pm EST.