Valorant News

Valorant Gets a Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode This Week

Time for some classic DM.

Valorant's Next Agent is Killjoy, Who's Bringing a Turret to a Gunfight

She'll start locking Agents down next week.

Valorant's Next Patch Will Let You Throw in the Towel Early

Teams not balanced? Someone's trolling? In version 1.02, you'll be able to just give up.

Riot Games Exec Resigns After Posting Insensitive George Floyd Meme

Ron Johnson, Global Head of Consumer Products, is exiting Riot.

Valorant, Riot Games' Tactical Shooter, Launches This June With a New Mode

It'll also have a new Agent, map, and cosmetic content.

Valorant's Latest Patch Tones Down One of Its Top Operators

Sage's slow takes another hit.

Naughty Dog Gets All in Their Feelings About Spoilers

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | The Last of Us Part 2 studio wants to bring the mood down for a moment and have a solemn talk about what really matters.

Valorant's Closed Beta Twitch Viewership Has Already Passed 1.6 Million

The new kid on the block seems popular.

Riot Reveals Why Valorant Isn't in the League of Legends Universe

Guns and magic don't always mix.

Valorant Enters Closed Beta Next Week

Riot's anticipated tactical shooter will be playable soon.

Riot Games' Tactical Shooter Valorant Has Been Six Years in the Making

The new competitive shooter from Riot has been in the works for a while.

Valorant, Riot Games' New Tactical Shooter, Will Hit 30 FPS on Computers "Dating Back a Decade"

What was "Project A" now has a name and new details, and the CS:GO similarities are only getting stronger.