Watch Dogs 2 News

Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion, With More to Come at E3

We’re going to hack across the pond.

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks on Amazon UK, Will be Set in Post-Brexit London

A new mechanic will let you control any NPC.

Watch Dogs 3 Set in London, According to New Report

It's like that movie Trainspotting.

Quality Isn't Everything: Watch Dogs and Titanfall Don't See Success in Improved Sequels

Making a good game isn't the only thing that matters.

Watch Dogs 2's "Seamless Online Experience" Won't Be Online at Launch

The game's online still works, but the seamless aspect was causing issues during the review period.

Watch Dogs 2 on PC Delayed Two Weeks, System Requirements Released

Ubisoft releases system specs for Watch Dogs 2 as it delays the PC version.

Video Round-Up Gamescom 2016: Watch Dogs 2, Mafia III, and Ghost Recon Wildlands

Gamescom is in full swing and here are all the trailers that have headed our way so far.

E3 2016 Central: Everything You Need to Know About The Show

Our comprehensive roundup of all our coverage for E3 2016, organized for your browsing convenience.

Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On: Hacking Your Way Towards the Fun

Mike takes a spin around San Francisco in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 Brings the Revolution to San Francisco

Ubisoft's hacking sequel finds a new city and new protagonist.