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  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 A year ago

    Cruise is massively popular in Japan and should probably be considered a potential influence on just about every Japanese game character that isn't Mario (and who knows, maybe even then...Mario is a cocky li'l guy, after all).

    Posted in Ocarina of Time's Link Is (Maybe, Probably) Based on Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 A year ago

    "Lara Croft is most interesting when she's human, vulnerable. Her adventures become a lot less fun when she has to become an invincible superhero, which is kind of the point of Avengers."

    No? The point of Marvel in general is that they're the superheroes who are flawed and vulnerable. Lara Croft would fit right in, especially the newer mud-caked version (classic Lara is probably more DC...).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Excited About Square-Enix's Avengers Games?

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 A year ago

    @mobichan Yeah, it's sad to me that the movie versions have supplanted the source material for most people today. The tail wags the dog.

    I would go nuts if someone made a Marvel game set in the Silver or Bronze ages with bright colors and ridiculous costumes everywhere, sort of like what the Freedom Force games were doing. Alas, it would probably be commercial suicide, so I have to be happy with the occasional alternate costume being included in games like Ultimate Alliance.

    Posted in Opinion: I'm Glad Marvel Finally Cares About Video Games

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 3 years ago

    IMO the all-time champ of busted releases is the Pool of Radiance remake that got into stores with a bug that would wipe your hard drive if you uninstalled it, among other problems. Whoops!

    Posted in 8 Games With Completely Broken Releases

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 3 years ago

    The nagging problem with Double Fine's games is that they generally have a great idea behind the game, but they don't come up with enough of a twist on the gameplay to keep it fresh throughout the game. The way you beat the final boss in Costume Quest is exactly the same way you beat the very first enemy and everything in between.

    But their games have so much charm that you almost don't mind.

    Posted in PAX Prime 2014: Costume Quest 2 Aims to Fix the First Game's Greatest Flaw

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 3 years ago

    @DogNozzle GOG is closest for me, since a big part of their identity is providing classic games in complete and accurate form and often with extras. Unfortunately, much like the Criterion Collection and other boutique film-releasing companies, they're at the mercy of rights holders, many of whom aren't interested in dealing with them. Another big void for GOG, though, is that so far they're exclusively focused on PC titles, apparently lacking the resources or interest to sell emulated classics from other hardware standards.

    I feel that a big problem is simply that there isn't enough demand from the customer base. Other media certainly have major issues with preserving classics (talking to film preservation people is usually depressing), but there's usually a small but faithful core of people who still want to watch black and white movies or listen to music from old "dead" genres, but I don't see enough of an equivalent for games. Even gamers that actually loved 8- or 16-bit era games tend to be openly contemptuous of the idea that old games could be enjoyable or interesting without resorting to irony. It's not a situation that facilitates widespread reprinting of old titles. Video-gaming still has a long way to grow in terms of understanding how game design can be timeless.

    Posted in What's So Secret About Classic Game Curation?

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 3 years ago

    The Infocom games were the first PC games I ever played. My dad kept buying them for me, and it got to the point that he started gently pressuring me to play games with graphics because I think he somehow felt the text games weren't showing off the computer's capabilities enough or something.

    I was recently replaying Zork while my wife was at her desktop computer behind me, and she turned around and asked what I was doing typing so much, so I explained the game and how it worked to her. She'd only ever really seen me play games with graphics, most of them from recent times, but the idea of typing complete sentences into the computer and the game responding to what you typed really impressed her, even despite the game's limited vocabulary and grammar.

    Posted in Dave Lebling on the Genesis of the Adventure Game - and the Creation of Zork

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 4 years ago

    @captainN2 You stole my answer. If I have a nitpick about the older games, it's only that the straight action-platformer gameplay doesn't quite encapsulate what Batman is all about. Sunsoft's games are great but could just as easily be about any action hero.

    OTOH, if I have a complaint about Rocksteady's games, it's that I just don't like how they look, especially in terms of character design. I would love it if someone took that engine and did a cel-shaded Batman that looks like he just popped off a comics page.

    Posted in Who Makes the Best Batman Games?

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 4 years ago

    One of my favorite Colecovision games. Never could beat it but it was always fun to try. Once you get into those dark levels, the game gets pretty nasty.

    Posted in Montezuma's Revenge, an Atari Quest to Make Adventure Proud

  • Avatar for Andy1975 Andy1975 4 years ago

    I would be fine with an update of the old C64 Alien game. In that one, you controlled the Nostromo crew members as they avoided the creature, but the gameplay was open and not at all beholden to the movie's plot. Depending on how you played it, Ripley could die first and Brett could be the sole survivor. I think if you did it right, you could update the game and end up with something like FTL but taking place on a single huge ship instead of a ship traversing the galaxy.

    Posted in What is Alien: Isolation? More Importantly, Will It be Any Good?